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  1. Darkness Angel

    Hello All

    Well, for starters I've been here for nearly 10 years. And I'm not really sure if I ever made a intro topic so, I've decided to make one and introduce myself my name is Darkness Angel, My favorite pokemon is Umberon and my top three fav trainers would be Dawn, Serena and Rose. As for myself I...
  2. Darkness Angel

    A New D/P Manga?

    Has anyone know if there's any other d/p mangas out there other. Than special and adventure because I saw this image. Upon a site that's selling some of the manga. http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m145/Shade-Hikari/Hikari/New.jpg
  3. Darkness Angel

    Pokemon D/P Not Airing

    Well it seems that pokemon d/p won't be airing on March 10th after all. I just checked the tv thread at cartoon network. and it seems that they will be reairing from Fear Factor Phony. So everyone will have to wait till later to see the premire here in the states.
  4. Darkness Angel

    Some Help

    I could use some help I was thinking of askinga banner to be made from the two of the following images. But the problem is I'm not really sure on which ones out of the eight below that I'd like to use. and could use some help in picking two of them out one from under heaven and the other from...
  5. Darkness Angel


    I;m new to the forum having just joined a few days ago so I decided to drop by and say hi to everyone.