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    Stupid Sexy Flanders

    *CLICK HERE* or Anyways, sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything else so um yeah. Comments and crits are appreciated and details of the drawing are on the link.
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    A Post from an Artist's Past

    So I'm here again with something new! Actually it's a finished WIP, but an older WIP that I had long time given up on(so perhaps some of my other WIPS that maybe some of you might remember still have a chance). This was drawn with a mouse, and colored on Photoshop. I know it's messy, but I'm...
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    Dun Dun Dun- Fanarts :D

    * All works have been drawn on Paint (with a mouse) and colored with PhotosShop (CS) - Yes, I take requests, click on the image link in my siggie. MOST RECENT UPDATE: HIKARU: FOR PETE'S SAKE, LEAVE A COMMENT! T~T
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    Fan Arts & Stuff

    Okay, haven't been here on for a while, but I'm being whimsy today. Katara II- This is my latest drawing, I'm really proud of this one, hopefully I'll color it soon. Pencil drawn, simply rainbowfied with PS. Katara - My first attempt at drawing her. Super messy I know, but um... I kind of...
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    dunno why I even bother....

    Edit:.... comment.... ;.; Oky, so well here are my latest drawings/ WIP's. Welcome to leave comment here, or at DA (either one). Criticism is welcomed too, I'm not afraid. Well, I'm running out of words to say so um. Screw Flanders. "Hermione"- obviously WIP, I need to finish coloring...
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    Sora, KH, Photoshop

    Well, after what felt like AAAAAAAAAAAGES, I have PS back, and well, I decided to give a go to a Paint Sketch of Sora that I had drawn recently (without a tablet, just a plain old mouse, which btw ended in a cramped hand, mine to be exactly). I had to look at several tuts for the skin, the hair...
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    Compare and Contrast old & new Misty (now sexier than evah)

    Old Misty New Misty - WARNING, it's HUGE! Please, if you look, COMMENT ;;. I suck at backgrounds so um yeah... Done in Paint...
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    Sexy Flannery and Fakemon (PAINT O NOZ)

    Flannery - It's not heavily colored, but I think it gets the job done. I suck at Paint >>;. Maybe I'll add some more shades later. Note: The hand's horrible, I know but 'tis the best I could do. Fakemon - same with the coloring as above.. really nothing special. Oh, and here's a banner I...
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    HakuBlue's Simple PAINT Doodles

    Well, yeah I'm back, and here's this pic I did some days ago. I know the coloring is kinda light and simple, but I think it kinda goes with her. (That and I suck at shading on PAINT, I miss my PS ;-;). The same reason goes for backgrounds, I'm just terrible at those .Maybe I will add her a dress...
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    Looky Look! ....

    Okay, this is the first coloring I'm proud of: .... I know I could have added a little bit more of shading on the robes and the shirt, but I think I'd have made it look too stuffed or something ... *shrugs* Ignore the background, t's craptastic, but I'm never really good in backgrounds...
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    Syaoran Sketch... [View & Comment Plz]

    THE ORIGINAL SIZE... SUPAH BIG The Resized Pic... Still Big... I'm not even going to put up the resized pic because well, it'd take a lot of space. I'm still coloring, but I'm not liking how it's looking, so, on the meantime while I might finish coloring it, post it here and...
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    Sora-Cub:First Time Coloring with PhotoShop

    SO, I finally got PS, and decided to color in my old line-art of Sora in his lion-cub form, and this is what I got. I know it's missing a background, but because it took me such long time and dedication (that and I don't think I'll add a background till a later time) I decided to post it...
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    SEXY MISTY Drawing

    Hopefully the title got to you, but no I wasn't lying, here's the drawing. ORIGINAL VERSION http://img197.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mistysketch3gi.png RED VERSION http://img197.imageshack.us/my.php?image=redversion9dy.png I hope you like it, and c/c are always accepted.