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    Edolas Graphics

    Welcome to Edolas Graphics! We offer banners, avatars, userbars, sprite work, trainer cards, team poses and xat avatars! Take a look around, you’ll be glad you did! ~ ~ ~ -All SPPf rules, signature rules and shop rules apply here. -The maximum you can order at one time is: 1 Banner, 2...
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    MagicMochi's Simple Pokemon Drawings

    Welcome to my fan art thread! I’ve been thinking about making a fan art thread to share my drawings for a long time, and now I’ve finally mustered up the courage to do so! So without further ado, here are some of my latest drawings: Whitney Date created: 3/11/12 if I’m not mistaken… Made...
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    Mayonaka Graphics

    Welcome to Mayonaka Graphics! Ran by me and pkmnfn! ANNOUNCEMENT: The shop is in the process of closing down, so no more requesting! MM's chellochello-Avatar DrSherbert-Avatar Banners cooloolcool-Decorated Userbars - - pkmnfn's cooloolcool-Animated Userbars Aenea-Animated Userbars...
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    MagicMochi's Gallery of Art

    Welcome to MagicMochi’s Gallery of Art! Hey guys! I made a lot of graphics throughout the months, and so I decided to display all of them and get some critiques. So if there’s something that looks bad/something you don’t like/etc., please let me know! I'm always trying to fix up my mistakes...
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    Art Wonderland

    Welcome to Art Wonderland! Ran by me and pkmnfn! Announcement: If you want to request from pkmnfn, please send him a VM! It'll be easier to respond that way! Thanks! 1/5/12: Splash Banners Lvl. 2 are now available! Also, Simple Banners are available in pkmnfn's side of the shop! Status: CLOSED...
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    Hey everyone, I'm MagicMochi. I love Pokemon (obviously) and I love this site. I love gaming, drawing, writing, sports, etc. My fav pokemon is Mew :D So that's pretty much it... I look forward to posting in the forums :D ~MagicMochi