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Search results

  1. J

    battle me please

    im borde anyone wanna double battle me? (no ubers)
  2. J

    Battle me :)

    anyone? no ubers 0173-0049-6440 Doulbal battle
  3. J

    win n get a shiny pokemon

    win me in 2 double battle n get a shiny pokemon k this is how it works u must do 3 double battles win 2 of them n get a shiny pokemon RULES 1:no ubers 2:no hacked pokemon here r the shiny u can get if u win buneary LV10 bashful ralts LV4 adamant cyndaquil LV1 modest budew LV11 brave...
  4. J

    any on3 want 2 battl3

    so do any of u want 2 battl3 m3 on PBR
  5. J

    sorry 2 say but serebii froms is not a wed site 2 go on

    ok i got this verizon internet secuity suite that protetes my computer and it say not 2 go on it cuz its a fraud wedsite but i dont belive that i want u guys 2 make a flase reporte email this: fraudsubmission@verizon.net with this subject:reporting false positve www.serebiiforms.com
  6. J

    say if pokemon where real would u be scared how they will look in real life

    just imange if pokemon where real think how they would look wolud u be scared of how they will look or u wont be scared will u be scared if they where chasing u
  7. J

    do you think there will be a 5th generation of pokemon

    do you think there will be a 5 genration of pokemon
  8. J

    what kind of ds do you got?

    what kind of ds do you got ds lite or the old ds?