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    Pokemon White Cartridge problem.

    My copy of Pokemon White, which has been perfectly fine up until this afternoon, has just recently come up with this message everytime I boot the game: "The saved data could not be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card". I have tried everything. Using 5...
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    Flash Games.

    Lets discuss them. Right here, right now. When it comes to flash games I play certain games when I'm in a certain mood. Sometimes I really like a good round of Pandemic, Infectonator : World Dom or any version of 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself. Other times I prefer a game of flOw, Small Worlds or...
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    The Sims Medieval - Recreate Monty Python and the Holy Grail on your PC!

    Yes. It's in the works and it's not an Expansion Pack Basically it's a more immersive "My Life as King". Think of all the possiblities! Can I invade other peoples kingdoms? Do I get a torture chamber? Am I allowed to cruelly tax my peasants, spending fortunes on banquets and tourneys while my...
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    Good News Everyone!

    The new season of Futurama starts June 24, 2010 at 10:00 PM. That Other Wiki said so. I'm thrilled. In the words of our favourite Homicidal Robot "WE'RE BACK BABY!"
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    Robot Unicorn Attack.

    The game is here If you havn't heard already, this is the game taking the internet by storm, a game where you play as a Robot Unicorn (Duh) collect robot fairies and smash in Explodium stars, while robot dolphins jump in the background. Oh, by the way, the game only uses 2 buttons and has one...
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    The Pixar Thread. only company not affected by Sturgeons Law

    You know the Drill, Discuss the Pixar movies in all their fabulous glory, your favourites etc. etc. Is anyone else looking forward to Toy Story 3. Where they actually have the toys be dropped off at a Preschool because Andy is growing up? I'm pretty shure it will be awesome becuse Pixar has...
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    Member you miss the most.

    Exactly What It Says On The Thread Title Discuss which members you miss having a good laugh with (or at). I miss BattleFranky~40. He was by far the only reay reason I VISITED Alt Anime along with Rave, TSC, HK, Freya and Archimedes (Who hasn't been on for awhile etheir) I also miss HyenaHaze.
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    It happend people. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is finally getting a sequel.

    The article Frankley, I'm up in arms over this. As long as it doesn't taint my memories of the original movie, I'll love it. Plus more Jessica Rabbit for you Horny men out there.
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    QUALITY Animation.

    Inspired by re-reading that Dem Goofz poll from awile back. I've decided to make an entire thread about QUALITY Animation. QUALITY images refers to screenshots/pictures in anime or manga that are horribly substandard. They are usually the product of shitty "in-between" animation (or shots...
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    The most "So Bad It's Good" movie you have ever seen.

    Simple enough. All it is is just state the most Laughably BAD movie that you have seen. Something So Bad, It's good. Well for me, it's the Mashed up dub of about 4 Koreanime called Space Thunder Kids just watch it. It's so bad, it's good. Also the 1998 American version of Godzilla (AKA: Jira)...
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    The Video Game Name Generator! Where Mario's Crowbar - The 2nd Impact is possible.

    I was on the TV Tropes fourm where I stumbled apon this little gem. So as the Title suggests Discuss what you got and how it could possibly work as a video game. MY personal Favorite is The Incredible Transvestite Masscre. Think about it, Killing Transvestites at the School Grounds? The...
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    Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Movie Sequels. Don't let this one die plx.

    As this is about the third freaking time this thread has been made, I'll remake it. This is about the discussion of Movies that have sequels- that are just plain horrible. Sequels that can be so bad that you wish that the original movie, no matter how good, was never createdso this blasphamy...
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    Gold n' Silver Sprite errors.

    I thought that this would be a little fun. We all know that Gold and Silver had some of the Best sprites ever (And If you know me, I'm normally the one to criticize the 2nd Generation) but there are some sprites which are bad. Some of which are adding or removing features from the Sigromi...
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    Songs that have been Butchered by Other Artists.

    We had a subject like this on Misc Entertainment a while back and after hearing a terrible Cover Up on the Radio, I believe it needs to come back. So what songs that you like that have butchered by other Artists. I have two: Bright Eyes- Originally by Art Garfunkel Butchered by Declan...
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    The Boy in Striped Pyjamas.

    Has anyone else Read the book/seen the Movie of "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas". I just finished the book and personally, I think that the book is brilliant. It perfectly captures a young boy's oblivion to WWII and what the "Farm" is out the back. The end of chapter 19 had me Bawing to tears...
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    Why does everyone LOVE the 2nd?

    Okay. As you can see this is a spin off of "Why does everyone HATE the 4th/3rd Gen?" only with a different question. GSC is hailed as the best games of the Pokemon franchise. But does it really deserve so much love? I replayed it a few days ago and the main region had crappy leveled gyms, was so...
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    The Evil Game REDUX

    Okay. Here we are with another crazy game "The Evil Game Redux." Why should I create this game again should you ask, I shall reply "We need a game where we can let loose a bit. We all have somthing inside so why don't we just let it go wild in a thread?" Okay. So the point of this game is...
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    Generation II Easter Eggs.

    This is just a small, simple topic to dicuss Easter Eggs in the second gen or after it. For Example: -In Pokemon Gold & Silver. Hacking into the ROM reveals talk about Sweet Honey, a feature brought in 7 years later with Diamond and Pearl. So mabye headbutting trees was replaced this. -In...
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    Terrible Sequals.

    Time to Revive! This is the subject of movie sequals that had just as much quality as ET for Atari 2600 (For those who don't know this game, just Youtube it) Lion King 1/2 was terrible. 1 and 2 were great, but this was just trailer trash, Why couldn't we have a Sequal like 1 & 2? I...
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    Just a Random Sprite

    I got bored I think It came out rather well. I also did this out of pure bordem as well, and as a test.