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    Hmm... isn't THIS ironic?

    Has anybody happened to notice how discussing GS or AR cheats are against the rules on the forum, and Joe hates cheating and yet under the Red/Blue page on the main site there is an entire section dedicated to GS cheats? I smell a bit of hypocrisy there.. It just strikes me as a bit strange.
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    Was the U.S. Justified to Put Japanese Americans In Internment Camps?

    As most of you know during WWII the U.S. government forcibly relocated many Japanese Americans and Japanese people living in America during WWII to internment camps to protect against future Japanese attacks on U.S. soil, and also "supposedly" to protect the Japanese Americans themselves from...
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    Favorite AC/DC Frontman

    Okay I've got a little question for all AC/DC and rock'n'roll fans out there. WHich of AC/DCs three frontmen, Dave Evans(he was the first, didn't last long at all, so most people haven't heard of him), Bon Scott, or Brian Johnson do you think is the best? I have a feeling this poll will lean...
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    Favorite Fast Food

    Personally mine is McDonald's but I wanna hear yours!
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    Legos were by far my favorite toy as a child and I still love to play with them from time to time. Does anybody else love/have loved Legos at some point? Also what are some impressive things you have built with them?
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    This is bugging me!!! GAH!

    Okay so I remember watching an anime sort of like yugioh because it had cards, but it wasn't quite. I remember little animals that could come out of the cards or something like that and help out the protagonists. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? It was such a good show and I can't...
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    Suggestions for a nostalgic ex anime lover..

    It's been years since I watched any anime, I've mostly been watching sitcoms, and I was thinking maybe I could get back into it. Does anybody have any ideas on an easy to watch and get into anime that I could start watching to get back into it easily? P.S. Sorry if this is against the...
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    Yo, I'm new here but my brother, Gutsman, has been an on/off member of this forum for some time now. I'm 16 and while not a huge Pokemon fan in general, I do love the games a ton so that's probably where I'll be spending most of my time here. Music is my thing, I love rock and Led Zeppelin...