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    Team Of Friendship and Unity (TOFU)

    This is my first 5th gen team and I have battled with them once and one 3-0 so im pretty proud but one battle wont determine how good my team is I like it so far but it just needs a little more tweaking to be excellent The Lead ;392; Infernape@ Focus sash Blaze Rash 252 sp atk 252 spd...
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    The Underdogs

    ;059;Arcanine @Focus Sash -Flare Blitz -Dragon Pulse -Toxic -Roar ;478;Frosloss @Quick Claw -Destiny Bond -Confuse Ray -Ice Beam -Double Team ;230;Kigdra @Muscle Band -Dragon Dance -Waterfall -Outrage -Blizzard ;251;Celebi @Lum Barry -Stealth Rock -Psychic -Leaf Storm...
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    Hg In Gamerz

    Looking for best HG in game as possible i have three members Planned So far Looking For Nature attack and new members for a team i want a tank i kno tht and i have a few ideas for other members ;157; ~a nature that raises sp. Attack Mild or Modest -Flamethrower/Blast Burn -Solarbeam -Rest...