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    Best anime episode to date

    What do you think is the best anime episode to date? To me it has to be a tie between 'Charizard Chills' and 'Battling a Thaw in Relations!' Charizard Chills, because of the raw emotions behind it....the utter satisfaction of seeing Charizard finally (FINALLY!) listening to Ash...
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    Your thoughts about Pokemon Best Wishes

    Now that N-saga is over, how are we feeling about the whole series? I personally think there was a lot of wasted potentials. They brought in Zekrom really early and made it to connect with Pikachu. I thought that was a good build-up. They could have had easily played a bit more with that...
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    Future evolution spoilers

    Ash has SG krok, Pignite, Leavanny and Unzefant going by today's new ending. So tepig is the first to evolve. Ash does get SG krokorok Female unzefant....well, we knew that already. I am loving it....what about you guys? @Mods: do close this if seems unnecessary....
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    The stories of Aaron Rayman

    Prelude… It was an intense moment, a defining one. The setting was a pokemon stadium. The event was the semi-finals of Unova region. On one side of the battle-field there stood a tall, lean figure. He wore a calm composed expression, a bit relaxed even. The reason was quite apparent – the...
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    noob question about the gaming console

    First time in my life I am planning to get the pokemon games. I do not know how the game works. Could anyone help me put with this, please? If I order the game through play asia in this: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-3vy7.html is that all I need to have? Or, do I have to...
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    Eid Mubarak!

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but EID MUBARAK everyone!! I hope all my Muslim friends are having a blast today! Peace out!
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    The Rainden Saga! [G]

    Okay, so this is just another new region with fakemon stories. If you are tired of these already, feel free to leave. Otherwise, do give it a shot and criticize as you will. Any response is appreciated. Here are the links to the other chapters: Chapter-2 Chapter-3 Chapter-4 Chapter-5 Chapter-6...
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    Shac's fakemonzzz

    Hello everyone, My previous thread died. So I thought I would open up this new one. I'll start slow and strong- Here are the the final stages of my starters. First up, Blazzeore: The fire lion pokemon. It's fire/rock type upon final evolution. Second comes, Phesantail: The pheasant...
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    ~The Regis of Norde~

    Rating: PG This is my very first fic. This is a story on the legendary regis - my version of how they came to being which is quite similar to the info we have so far with one huge twist and some minor alternations. I have done a prologue and also has done the first chapter of the first part of...
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    ~Hall of Despair~

    I have had the idea for this thread for quite sometime now. Finally I am letting it out. Here we discuss whatever we feel should have been done otherwise regarding the anime story. Anything that you think should have been done differently or was totally out of the way, you discuss it here...
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    The Rainden Saga

    Hello all! I am Shakir and apparently a budding fan-fic. writer. This is the story of Ash going to start a new journey to a new region called "The Raindenland". The events take after Sinnoh saga and a possible Johto BF. Hope you like the story........and yeah, please don't forget to leave a...
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    Modify designs

    I bet you do not like all the pokemon as they are designed. We all have our opinions on how the pokemon might look better with a bit modification of the design. For example, I think, 1. Hippowdon would look better with ears on their head. 2. Drapion would have been better without those weird...
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    Ash and Co. pokemon nature and special ability

    I don't know if the anime really follows the special-ability and pokmon nature strictly or not, but I would love to know what you people think about the pokemon owned by Ash and Co. I know they are aware of the special ability because its mentioned every now and then....but I am really not sure...
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    random thoughts

    I had this random thought last night and i suddenly wanted to share with u people. Since Sinnoh is so much Johto influenced, may be ash's team will be similar to what he had in johto... Bayleaf - Turtwig (evolves to grotle, but no further) Cindaquil - Chimchar (wont evolve) Totodile -...
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    Moves to be showcased in Wallace-cup

    what moves do you think will be used by our folks in the wallace-cup? This is what I think- Ash-Buizel: water-pulse, aqua-jet May-Wartortle: hydro-pump(squirtle-style!)/hydro-cannon, skull-bash, aqua-tail Dawn-Piplup: tide, bubble, peck Zoey-finneon: water-sport, attract, psy-beam...
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    Sinnoh gym leaders VS Ash speculation!

    we know what pokemon the sinnoh gym-leaders have used and will be using in the gym battles.(they are following the game, in case u did not know). so what do u think ash's team will be against the future gym-teams? I say with Crasher Wake, it will go as follows- Gyrados- Pikachu (Pikachu...
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    Rainden Land

    heres voltrox- flavor text- it rotates its rotor-blades to generate electricity. In battle its electric energy remains low initially. with increased rpm of the blades it can eventually generate bolts of 15,000 volts. __________________________________________ the lemur pokemon-...