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    The Easy Button

    http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Staples/s0105150_sc7?$splssku$ Click it, it leads to a video that sums up the topic. Now nobody should cares what Mr. Internet-star has to say, I want your opinion on the matter not a counterargument towards the video. My opinion? I'm just going to leave...
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    Digital or Physical

    Title says it all. Which do you usually prefer? Are there special cases?
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    Comicbook Adaptations: Which kind is more Important?

    Never been able to get a solid ongoing thread about comicbooks. Guess the source material isn't that popular on these forums. Their adaptations however are another story and have boomed a lot of discussion as they've gotten a lot of attention here. Lately things haven't gone so well...
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    Tropes vs. Writers in Fan Fiction

    As we all know, not all tropes are bad but obviously we've run into them as writers. Which ones do you tend to write yourself into? Any idea why? Doesn't matter what kind of trope it is or if your writing an original work or not.
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    That's a "Girl" Voicing "Him"!?

    Ah childhood, so much graceful innocence... Time to talk about something less innocent; cartoons! Yes, animation; the stuff we woke up at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning to watch as we gobbled down our sugary cereal that made the milk's colour funny. We gazed with our eyes glued to...
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    That Pokémon you Don't Want to be

    That Pokémon you Don't Want to be Pretty simple and straightforward. Don't forget to explain why.
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    Get out the Champagne! Victory is Ours!

    That moment where it felt like New Years and everyone was happy and excited. I know you've had that moment, what was it? For giggles, how did the people around you react to your overexaggeration celebration?
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    Brand Renames in Fiction

    Yup, this is an odd topic. As you know, to pass copyright, writers rename a product for their fictional universe. So yeah, list them, go nuts. Where are they from? The cheesiest one you've heard?
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    Mono-type in OU: Part 2 (Ground)

    Note: this is a mono-type team to be used in the standard metagame not the mono-type metagame Guess who? My Ice team? Left them in the cold. Still in the mood to stick to weather and Fire is so typical (Charizard, Ninetails, Arcanine, Torkoal, Infernape, and Victini) and doesn't do that...
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    Favourite Game Show(s)

    Big money! Big money! I hope this thread goes well. I've been spending too much of my spare time watching game show goofs so I thought I would make this thread. You can nominate stuff that's not on the tube anymore. Don't forget to explain why. Maybe even share some facts here and there.
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    Slickest Controller

    Just curious, which console do you find has the nicest feeling controller? Third party controller don't count. Might add a poll just worried of the fact that Nintendo would dominate the options.
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    Let's Play Pokémon...

    Let's Play Pokémon... Ah, Let's Plays; sometimes a good way to pass the time on YouTube. Heck, they're very popular. Nintendo: 200000 subscribers and 78000000 video views. Game Grumps: 530000 subscribers and 100000000 video views. The following totals were taken when this thread was...
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    Haters Gonna Hate, Fans Gonna Fan

    So we've all bumped into that person who loves that thing. Whether it be My Little Pony, Pokemon, or Naruto; it always has its loyal fans along with those who spite it and those who love it with all their might. After a while of surfing the web, I can't decide which of the two sides is worse...
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    Easter Egg Thread

    Time to seek out those delicious nuggets of chocolatate scattered around our favourite video games new and old. The rules are simple; you share yours, we'll share ours. Videos and/or images are okay if the mods say so. Speaking of the mods, just curious, would you consider sticking this...
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    That Movie you Liked as a Kid; that Guy on the Internet Reviewed it

    Ah childhood; such an innocent time. Most importantly, we could sit through horrid movies and television shows without giving a damn. Did we care? No because we hadn't developed a taste yet and that's perfectly fine. Now that we've aged, we've grown up to be mature and some of the media we...
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    Most Attractive Cartoon Character

    :D Oh yeah, that's right. Go nuts but be rational and don't go overboard.
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    Visualizations of Pokémon Fanbases in the Pokémon World

    Visualizations of Pokémon Fanbases in the Pokémon World Okay, this is going to be really stoopid and I got a feeling this thread's going to flop and I might get an infraction but here goes. What if big name fanbases like Smogon, Serebii, etc. existed in the Pokémon world? How would it...
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    I Should be Laughing but…

    I Should be Laughing but… You know that thing? That cartoon, movie, comic, play, whatever it is. Doesn't matter where it's from, as long as it's a form of media. Heck, it can be a character from a form of media. You planned to go into it laughing and your reaction was completely...
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    Best/Worst Cartoon Station

    Yup, conversation in the Cartoon Network thread went 180º so I decided to make this thread. Yeah, kids' programming; still iffy as ever (even since we were youngsters). Not much to say bar the fact that we have our own tastes but overall, which of the four main 'toon airing stations do you...
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    Mono-Type OU Team Ice

    So, If you haven't heard, I'm now into American comics (please go visit my thread, it's dying quickly and I want to chat about comics that aren't Japanese). Self-advertisement aside, every 2 weeks at my local comic shop, alongside the Pokemon TCG, there's a type tournament held. Typical Smogon...