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    Minimalist Pokémon Or [aka]'s Return!

    Minimalist Pokémon Or [aka]'s Return! Hi! I've been doing these for a while, and I figured I may as well (at least attempt to) have a presence here again! ~:Latest Update:~ ~:Recolors:~ ~:Minémon:~ ~:Pixel-Overs:~ ~:WSC Entries:~ Week 115: My dA
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    Encounters of the Fractal kind

    I've been making fractals for a bit, and I decided to make a thread.
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    Many Pokémon Titles Trademarked

    Many Pokémon Titles Trademarked Mods, please move if in the wrong place. Nintendo has recently tm'd many new Pokémon titles; ones that have already been made such as "Pokémon Red", Blue, Green, and Yellow, as well as ones that have yet to happen, such as Black, Brown, White, Gray, Purple...
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    [aka]'s Sprite Gallery

    Ta-da! I'm back with a sprite thread! Here I shall have any/all sprites I do, I shall update..whenever I want to! =P ~WSC~ Psykrabby and Darkrabby Granbat! and Croesbat Grozelmin Sangwin'd Holy Knights PROJECT R.O.T.O.M. So, I have decided to finally revive the...
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    Arceus Leak!?

    After being notified by Joe of the new "Pokemon World Face-Off", I tried it out and after a few rounds I found this: As far as I know Arceus has not been revealed, and yet...here it is! :D [aka] do good??
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    Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

    This thread is for the discussion of encounters with celebrities. Jon Foreman (lead singer of Switchfoot as well as my favorite artist) was in town for a concert, and I happened to win tickets to the concert! So my and my bro went to the concert and like 10 people got to meet him and have...
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    Generational Themes(?)

    I've noticed that 4th gen has a universe/space/galaxy theme (Palkia=space, Dialga=time, giratina=black holes, Team Galactic, etc) and 3rd Gen had a evnviroment/nature/elemental theme (please don't make me list reasons). This got me wondering...did the 1st or 2nd gens have themes? If so, what...
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    Team ParaVoide

    I've decided to get my team rated and make sure I'm doin fine. So, without further ado: ;437; Bronzong @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 152 Def / 104 Sp. Def Relaxed -Hypnosis -Gyro Ball -Stealth Rock -EarthQuake ;475; Gallade @ Leftovers Ability: Steadfast EVs: 228 HP/...
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    Darkrai Recolors

    Just decided to do some recolors of Darkrai Yonowaru in Chaos spotted the trend! Time for a celebration! Noodles for all! Wait, strike that! No noodles! Well I guess that's as much of a celebration if you don't like noodles.... The trend is that starting from the beginning, I'm going to...
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    Saitek keyboard help needed

    Hey, my brother bought a Saitek Eclipse II. It supposedly comes built-in with the drivers needed to use it, but any time it's plugged into a computer, it won't register for more than a few seconds. The Saitek website does not have any drivers for it. Any help would be appreciated, though...
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    Poem "Contest" Time!

    Hello all! Well for our current scrapbook (kinda like a book report) at school, we have to get together a bunch of poems, and then I thought: "Hey! I know artists! Maybe they've written some poems! And if not, they probably know people who have!" (this was originially for dA, so please bear...
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    Team Skullwind

    Hey...I'm back... I think my team is better...but please be gentle anyways... Gallade @ Leftovers Steadfast Adamant 228 HP / 252 Atk / 30 SDef Close Combat Psycho Cut Thunder Wave Night Slash Empoleon @ Leftovers Torrent Calm 252 HP / 6 SAtk / 252 SDef Grass Knot / Rest...
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    Smash Bros. coverage

    Hey, I was/am wondering if Joe is gonna be covering the release of SSBB, such as new chars. etc., or if he will update w/ all pokemon related info on Jan. 24/25 Thanks in advance
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    iPod Help

    I recently inherited my brother's 1st Generation iPod Nano, seeing as got the new Nano for Christmas. But there are some....problems, and they make it....difficult to use. First of all, the iPod can only play when it is plugged in....luckily for me, I have an iHome. Secondly, the iPod is...
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    Gmail help

    Hi, whenever I try to log into my gmail, the browser closes before it even shows my inbox P.S. I tried the alternate url (gmail.com/mail/s/), and that wouldn't work either..... P.P.S. I've found out that I can view it in basic html, but would still like to know: why this happens, and how I can...
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    I'm no newb....

    but i do need help. And, since this is the "SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge", I thought this would be a good place I have two emails, and i no longer use the one that i used to set up my serebiiforums account. I am wondering if there is a way to change the email to my current one.
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    help me please

    this is my team....its a work in progress... RALTS Docile Gallade @ ??? Close Combat Psycho Cut Leaf Blade Night Slash Tini Brave Dragonite@Lum Berry Inner Focus ~Dragon Dance ~Dragon Claw (outrage is too unpredictable) ~Earthquake ~Fire Punch Jerry [/B] Adamant...
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    Good combination?

    hi, i just played a match w/ my friend (yu-gi-oh), and i may have discovered an awesome combination: Gravekeeper's Servant (continuous magic) Solemn Wishes (continuous trap) Soul Absorption (continuous spell) Dimensional Fissure (continuous spell) Gren Maju Da Eiza (effect monster)...
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    Team Rawxom, a newb's team

    ok, i know that the natures aren't good, but still, its my team This is my team, 6 pokemon, Empoleon @ ??? Torrent EVs: unknown Adamant - Ice Beam - Surf - Shadow Claw - Grass Knot Dragonite @ ??? Inner Focus EVs: unkown Brave - Flamethrower - Thunderbolt - Outrage -...
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    The tentacruel, the shiny ghastly, and the gallade

    as many of you may know the title is a reference to the Wolfmother song The joker & the thief. well, i have a shiny ghastly, and two lv 100's (tentacruel and a japanese gallade) up for trade and now's your chance to get them!