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    Any 'Spice and Wolf' fans?

    Just wondering if anyone here watched and/or liked the anime Spice and Wolf. It was originally a light novel series, and is currently up to 13 books or so. It spawned an anime series, and then a manga series, and they are bother fairly dead on with sticking faithfully to the orginaly storyline...
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    What is your worst experience with Pokemon?

    What was your worst experience with Pokemon? Ever have a really bad moment with Pokemon, either in the game, or with the cards, something with the anime, or the whole franchise? Ever get really disappointed with it? Just something to discuss about. Have at it.
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Music Discussion

    Surprised no one made this or that I didn't think of it 'till now . . . Anyway! The title says it all; what do you think of the music in ALL of the Mystery Dungeon games? Hate it, love it, or whatever, discuss.
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    Who's your hero and who's your partner?

    Mainly a specualtion thread . . . but who do you always, or not always, get chosen as your hero Pokemon? And who is it that you pick for your partner? Have at it
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    Mystery Dungeon Games: do they make you emotional?

    Ever play these games and get happy, sad, angry, or anything? Were there moments when you wanted to destroy it in frustration, or weep in sorrow? Feel free to discuss that all here. Have ta it.
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    What do you think the hardest part of the games are?

    Discuss what you think is the hardest aspect of these games. It can be anything. Have at it.
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    The "Underworld" Series

    This is just a thread to discuss the "Underworld" movies. It's mainly about the ageless war between Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) You can talk about the characters. favorite moments, fight scenes, sex scenes, or whatever you want about them. Granted that the first one came out seven years...
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    Your opinion on the music: better or worse than HG and SS?

    Okay this for those of you who like the music from the originals, Pokemon Gold and Silver. If you did, post your favorite song, why you like it, blah,blah. But also, you can put if you like it BETTER than HG and SS. Or if you think not, or whatever. This goes for ALL the songs in the games...
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    Who is your teams "surfer"? Do you have more than one?

    Who do you use as a surfing Pokemon? Do you use more than one? Discuss here. (you can close this if you like.)
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    How many ribbons do your Pokemon have and what ones?

    I was just wondering how many ribbons people had on their Pokemon. I don't if the limits 10, but what how many do ya got and what ones? close if needed. :p
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    Favorite Gym Leader: who's your favorite?

    Okay, i didn't want to put too much into the title, so let me get into more detail... Who was your favorite gym leader (as the title says) and who was the best for rematch purposes? Discuss here. (delete if needed :p)
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    Does anybody feel that the "Fortune Wheel" is pointless?

    Hi there peoples. :) was just playing my PBR game and I had to take on Neon Colosseum. and do that wheel thing. yeah, i hate it. anybody else think it's useless? or is it just me...? close if needed, just opinions here :D
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    Pokemon Colosseum and XD:Funny trainer names

    Did anybody ever notice how the trainers you fight in these games have outrageous names? or is it just me... discuss and close if needed :p
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    Who was the hardest "Regi" to catch? Who was easiest?

    Which Regi did you have a hard time with when catching? -Regirock -Regice -Registeel feel free to close.
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    Would you wanna battle with a Pokedex Holder?

    I was reading the manga a while ago and I saw some of the good battle scenes. So if you could or if you wanted to, would you wanna be in a battle with one of 'em? if this has to be closed, feel free to do so.
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    Dialga, Palkia or Giratina?

    What's your favorite dragon type out of the Dragon Trio? Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina? (if this has been made already, close if needed to be)
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    What do you think the future covers will look like?

    I just thought of this now, but what do you think the future Pokemon Adventures covers will look like? They aren't apparently going with the old ones or the Japanese ones either, so what's your opinion? (if this has gotta be closed, let it be mods;) )
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    Favorite Colosseum to Battle in?

    Okay, i was playing PBR the other day and i really was liking some of the colosseums, so what are some of your favorites? (close if it needs to be closed)
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    Funniest Moment in PokeSpecial.

    What, in your opinion, is the funniest moment in PokeSpecial? (close if needed to be closed)
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    Your funniest R/S/E moment?

    Heya. i wanted to start this cos i know there are some funny moments out there from R/S/E. (if this needs closed, feel free mods :p) anyways, post any of your funny R/S/E moments from back in the day. Have fun.