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    Favorite "Side Activity" of the Pokemon Video Games?

    The casinos, pokemon contests, pokestar studios, and more... There's been lots of side games in each generation of Pokemon! Which side games were your favorite and why?
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    Do you think SM/USUM will keep the 3DS valued past 2019?

    Do you think SM/USUM will keep the 3DS valued past 2019? I think it will! When Sw/Sh comes out, SM/USUM will be the only games where you can use all 800+ pokemon (minus the Galar pokemon). Even though Sw/Sh will be new, the value of being able to use all 800+ pokemon cannot be dismissed. What...
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    What would be your ideal female protagonist in the Pokemon anime?

    Everyone has opinions on what makes a good female protagonist in Pokemon. What would be yours?
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    Serena gets a shoutout from CoroCoro Comic Magazine

    CoroCoro Comic's website is currently doing weekly feature articles about the Pokemon Anime. The July 30th, 2019 article has a reference to the Johto league, but the July 23rd, 2019 article has a quick reference to Serena in it. Check it out here: https://corocoro.jp/58037/ What do you think...
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    What do you think/want Sonia's personality to be like?

    Sonia will probably have a big role in the SwSh anime (probably even a travel companion) since she was one of the handful of characters that was first introduced in the June 2019 Direct. What do you think/want her personality to be?
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    Reasons for a Serena return in Sword & Shield Anime?

    I searched a lot of threads to make sure this one hasn't been posted before, but I haven't seen a true discussion thread for this, only light thoughts in other threads. If you are someone who wants Serena to return in the Sword & Shield series, what are the reasons you want her back?
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    1000th Pokemon Anime Broadcast

    1000th Pokemon Anime Broadcast is on November 9th. Details on celebration: http://pk-mn.com/n/pokemon-anime-1000kai-event-maturika/ Looks like pokedigijedi was right :) http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?648369-will-there-be-a-celebration-for-the-1000-episode-of-Pokemon