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  1. Lluc

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I don't mean to be all "five stages of grief" here but prior experiences (ex: Nintendo of America referring to the Three Mage Sisters from Kirby Star Allies as a "family" on a website when the original JP script made it clear they were sisters in the religious sense along with interviews with...
  2. Lluc

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I know it's a different company but it's worth mentioning that Sylveon and all the gen 4 evolutions and baby forms made it into PMD Rescue Team DX, a remake of a gen 3 game that was mostly true to the original. At the very minimum I'm expecting Sylveon to be added to the Sinnoh dex.
  3. Lluc

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    She'd be from Unova if anything, since she has an American accent in the original script.
  4. Lluc

    Most important returning features?

    In S/M/US/UM, Hidden Power only works with Normalium-Z and can only become Breackneck Blitz. Meanwhile Weather Ball would turn into the Z-Move that corresponds with its type. It'd be totally consistent if Hidden Power would only become Max Strike.
  5. Lluc

    Do generation shifts limit the development of 3rd party games?

    This was something I was thinking about when I considered the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon based its gameplay mechanics on gen VII and New Pokemon Snap hardly featured any Pokemon from Galar. These games were probably developed before the announcement of Sword and Shield based on that. I...
  6. Lluc

    Weird moves certain Pokemon can or cannot learn

    That reminds me, I saw a Japanese fan video point out how funny it is that in gen 1 Articuno learns Blizzard at level 51, Zapdos learns Thunder at level 51 and.. what does Moltres learn at level 51? Leer. This has caused Moltres to gain a nickname in the JP fandom, "Leer-san" or well, "Mr/Ms. Leer".
  7. Lluc

    LGBT+ Alliance

    Guess I'll join in now. Hey, I remember wanting to join the old LGBT+ club back in the early 2010's but I was too closeted. Better late than never I suppose. These days I have a weird relationship with my gender so I prefer to be androgynous (not picky with my pronouns but my friends all refer...
  8. Lluc

    What would change if Pokemon games were designed to be single-player only JRPGs?

    Let's pretend we're in an alternate timeline where Pokemon was not a social game. The idea of trading or battling with other players was never introduced, neither do the ideas of there being 2 versions, events, or being able to transfer Pokemon from older games to new ones. The games are...
  9. Lluc

    Which Pokemon game had the best repeatable content?

    I would have titled this "Which Pokemon game had the best post-game" but that might have had implications I was asking for which one had the best post-game story. What I'm asking for is, what is a Pokemon game that you could clear all the story-related content of, but still have content you...
  10. Lluc

    Pokémon that are not from the Regions that they were Introduced in.

    I see some comments here suggesting the Beldum family are not native to Hoenn but I think there's a possibility the Beldum family are artificial Pokemon (similar to Porygon) created by Devon due to their computer-like brains and the fact Steven is the only person to command a member of the...
  11. Lluc

    Pokémon who don't look like their types

    There have been scientists in the Pokemon fandom that have argued that Solgaleo's typing is actually more accurate to real world science than a Fire/Psychic typing. I'm not nuanced at all in the science of celestial bodies but I hear the gist of it is the sun isn't made of fire (it's made of...
  12. Lluc

    Improve a bad ability

    The PMD series has added some buffs to underwhelming abilities, examples include: Anticipation: The Pokemon now has a chance to dodge super effective moves. Illuminate: Using moves with light (such as Flash or Light Screen or Confuse Ray) also triggers a Follow Me effect where foes will only...
  13. Lluc

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    So these are some opinions that will probably get me branded as a 'tumblr sjw' but here's some thoughts I wanna get off my chest. I've been thinking that.. it actually doesn't make a whole lotta sense for Gallade to be male-only. The majority of other gender-locked Pokemon either have a...
  14. Lluc

    Which starter type do you choose most often?

    I actually force myself to pick whichever type of starter I didn't choose in the last two games. Used a Grass starter in Diamond and a Water starter in HeartGold? Then I have to use a Fire starter in Black.
  15. Lluc

    Renaming the Pokemon Types!

    Aside from Grass to Nature or Plant, I think Dark is also a type that would benefit from a rename in reality, since it represents evil and not literal darkness so its current name is rather misleading. Since whoever is localizing Pokemon appears to not like the idea of Pokemon being referred to...
  16. Lluc

    If You Could Give the Lacking Final Staged Starters a Secondary Type

    Empoleon to Water/Ice just because both Torterra and Infernape had a trend of their secondary type being strong against the starter they were weak to but Empoleon broke the trend by having both its types weak to Torterra and Steel didn't do anything against it.
  17. Lluc

    What other kinds of settings would you like to see the Pokemon in?

    In the main series, we have a mostly happy go lucky world populated by Pokemon Trainers who battle each other with their Pokemon. Then we have the side games, Colosseum and XD which still has Pokemon Trainers but they live in a dystopian crime-filled region with such horrible conditions wild...
  18. Lluc

    Things that grind your gears!

    I wouldn't say this is gear grinding territory but I was thinking the other day 'Oh it's so cool how in spin-offs like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you can get every Pokemon programmed in the game without outside help like transferring or trading or events' but then my thought train took a negative...
  19. Lluc

    Which generation do you think had the best non mainline game media?

    Whenever people are asked about their favorite generation, they usually answer the question as if they were being asked which is their favorite mainline game rather than accounting for everything released in the generation as a whole. I wanna ask the question again this time with emphasis on...
  20. Lluc

    Lured here by nostalgia

    Lured here by nostalgia