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    The Pokétrade

    The Pokétrade The shop is currently closed for post remodeling. I still have all the old post saved, so don't worry about trading issues.
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    Pokemon White Team

    I am looking for a good team overall. I am thinking for a general team, I should have 2 Special Sweepers, 2 physical sweepers, and 2 walls (one physical and one special) So... here is my idea for a team: Samurott Ability:Torrent Nature: Lonely EVs: 255 atk/255 spd Held Item: Leftovers/Life...
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    New White Team

    I am currently working on an improved white team. I am looking for Serperior, Samurott, Mienshao, and Galvantula on the team. You can change these around, but I prefer you don't. If you do have any comments for the last two, please say so as well. The movesets: (No nature will be listed as I...
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    Help Needed with Post-Game E-4 Team...

    I have one Nintendo DS system, so I can only use pokemon found in Unova. I have beaten the elite 4 and Team Plasma. I am currently trying to find a good team with good movesets for the Elite four. I am not breeding right now as I want to make my pokemon strong enough so they won't die by the...
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    Platinum Team

    Lonely @ Mystic Water / Splash Plate -Surf -Ice Beam -Drill Peck -Flash Cannon Lax @ Magnet / Zap Plate -Spark -Crunch -Iron Tail -Thunder Wave Hasty -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Thunderbolt -??? HP Dark? Also a Garchomp, Typhlosion, and one other for pokemon but movesets needed still...
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    HG/Pt combo team

    My idea is to combine the 4th generation games to get a good team. Right now I am thinking: Feraligatr (Adamant) @ Splash Plate/ Mystic Water Waterfall Ice Punch Superpower Earthquake /HP [ground] Infernape (Lonely) @ Fist / Flame Plate Close Combat Shadow Claw Flare Blitz / Fire...
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    Pt Team V2.

    I had restarted platinum a while ago. I had stopped playing Pt and played HG for a while. I am thinking of the team: Typhlosion Rock Slide Flamethrower (Max PP) Solar Beam Eruption (Max PP) Feraligatr Waterfall Ice Fang / Ice Punch Crunch / Bite? (Flinching) Earthquake / Shadow...
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    What was your first catch and what pokemon do you think is the best?

    My first catch was obviously a bidoof for an HM slave. My favorite pokemon from DPt is probably Infernape (Family...). It was the first pokemon I ever got (period, not just in the game), and it does well in nearly every gym in sinnoh except maybe ghost and water.
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    Help with Platinum Team...

    I am working on Platinum right now, and will be transferring most of my HG pokemon over to platinum. I am thinking of a team that will cover at least 90% of move types and will cover 90% of its weaknesses... I am currently thinking of 4 pokemon for it and need help with the other 2...
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    Possible new platinum team

    Drifblim psychic ominous wind fly something else Houndoom Dark pulse? Flamethrower crunch/bite beat up/fire fang Gyarados Thunder dragon rage waterfall ice fang Infernape close combat earthquake flare blitz/fire blast thunder punch Luxray intimidate crunch...
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    Heartgold Team (Rate)

    Please rate my current heartgold team. Typhlosion Rock Slide Flamethrower Solar Beam Eruption Lugia Recover Ancient Power Psychic Aeroblast Pidgeot* Fly Arial Ace Mirror Move Something else Gyarados* Dragon Rage Waterfall Ice Fang Thunder Kyogre Ancient Power...