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    Black2/White2 Pokemon Special Speculation Thread

    Might as well separate this from other threads so that you guys wouldn't have to use spoilers. Well as you all saw, there is some more info on B2 and W2. While I know that more game info should show up soon within these next few months up until it's release, I suppose now is just as good a...
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    Possible plot for the Black and White chapter of Pokemon Adventures (GAME SPOILERS)

    Spoilers for the game for those who have not finished the main story! Last night I finished the main story of the game and something crossed my mind: Depending on which version you have, N will be the hero of ideals/truth and will get Zekrom/Reshiram. You will be the other hero with the...
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    Pokemon Adventures Vol. 1: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

    ...known as vol. 30 in the regular series. I was really surprised to see it in the mail today. It seemed WAAAAY to early for it to come out... Anyway, you guys want to know some stuff right? well. Here are some things you probably will want to ask. - Platinum's "alias" that is used...
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    DPA! Volume 8 AKA It's over. ;;

    I pre-ordered Volume 8 of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, but I didn't not expect it to arrive today. :3 Man, I can't believe it's the last volume. ;n; *stuff in spoilers* ;w; This was awesome.
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    Theories on how you think the Emerald Arc Ends.

    Because I'm getting figgety and this section is dying.... Still, I want to know what you guys think. How do you think the Emerald Arc will end?
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    Berlitz's name may be revealed.

    http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml Tommorow, the new Coro Coro magazine will be released and it might give some info on a third installment of the 4th generation games. Which means that Lady Berlitz's name might be revealed soon. What do you guys think? EDIT: Nevermind, It's next...
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    Chamo's Plushie Thread

    Hello, I am Chamo-chan (or chamo for short) Recently, I've been into making plushies. Since I love them. And I want to share my work with all of you. ^_^ Inspired by Vampirate Mace and lonepichu from Deviant Art. They are cool. Anywayz, on with the thread of the plushies I've made so...
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    Okay....Here's my team again.... this time...a little different.... But I think I still need help with it.... This time, I put some EV's Kangashkan @Leftovers Scrappy Adamant HP 252/ Atk. 252/ Spd. 6 -Return/ Crush Claw -Earthquake -Fake Out -Brick Break Kingdra @Life Orb Sniper...
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    A possible future team of some sort?

    Ok. This is my first time trying to make a competitive team. I don't have many good choices in movesets....that is where you guys come in. Help me please. Kangaskahn Trait: Scrappy Nature: Adament Item: ? Moveset: -Return -Focuse Punch -Earthquake ? Espeon Trait: Synchronize...
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    Pokemon Real: What can go wrong?

    Since the old thread got deleted, I decided to make a new one. It is simple. Just state a pokemon's name and type some pros and cons about what it would be like if that pokemon was real. EXAMPLE: first poster: Pikachu Second poster: Good: it's cute Bad: Electric...
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    Last book you read and rate it.

    I couldn't find any threads relating to books, so I decided to make one. Give the name of the book, the author, and your thoughts about the book. Then rate the book from 1 to 10 (1 meaning that you did not like it, 10 meaning that you loved it.) Here is mine: The Wild Parrots of...
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    Name that theme song game.

    In this game, you post up a theme song from a show (anime or sitcom......whatever) and people guess which show it is from. Just guess and then the person who put it up will reveal the answer. I'll start: "Now this is the story all about how, My life got flipped, turned upside down, And I’d...
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    Pokemon in school

    Just Imagine if Pokemon were real and were allowed in schools. This would Happen: -rules against using Psychic pokemon to cheat. -Battling would be a sport. -Take a flying pokemon to school instead of the bus.
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    Pearl Team, Please Rate.

    Blaziken LVL 74 Item: Charcoal Attacks: EarthQuake Blaze Kick Flamethrower Sky Uppercut Dragonite LVL 73 Item: Haban Berry Attacks: Dragon Claw Outrage Thunderbolt Waterfall Lucario LVL 73 Item: None Attacks: Aura Sphere Rock Smash Rock Climb Dragon Pulse Pigeot LVL 73...
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    Mysterious Encounter: a Special Shipping Story

    Rated: PG (Possibly PG-13) PM List Latias 24 Ames Don, The PokeGenius Phoenix Fire razorsfire auratios Seviper009 xXPorygonXx Orenji-chan Ryan's Team Merialle xxBlackyxx torosiken Ages of the Main Characters: Yellow: 17 Red: 19 Mew/Indigo: ???/ Her false age is 7...
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    Which do you like better?

    Which of the above do you like the most. For me, it is a tie between games and Manga. And You?
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    Possible mix of Dialga and Palkia

    I'm not sure is anyone else noticed, but in the D/P arc of the manga, When they arrive in Eterna City, There is a statue of a pokemon that looks like someone mixed Dialga and Palkia together. I have a bad premonition of what Team Galactic is planning to do to Dialga and Palkia...
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    Specialshipping General Discussion

    :025ball: This discussion is about Red and Yellow, two characters from the Pokemon Special, and the shipping that they are in, SpecialShipping! :surfpika: Rules: All rules for shipping Community apply. No Spamming No Flamming No cursing either. Owner: Chamo-chan Co-owner...
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    A random Poke survey

    this survey is just something I decided to make. General What is Your favorite Pokemon? Which is Your favorite Generation? Which Evo chain do you like? Which Region do you like? What is your favorite type? What is Your favorite Legendary Pokemon? Which fossil Pokemon is your fave...
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    Mew, Celebi, Jirachi or Manaphy?

    My Favorite is Mew! ;151;