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    Pikadudes newest sprites

    Hello, my name's Pikadude, and this is my sprite thread. First off, we have a fusion between Gulpin, Swinub and Aerodactyl Secondly, another fusion, this time, Charmander, Luvdisk and Marill Lastly, a Leafeon edit. Something extra That will be all
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    Hand drawn art

    This is the gallery of Pikadude's art First up is a hand drawn Shaymin Next is a hand drawn Mudkip That is all so far but please do return soon p.s sorry for the bad picture quality
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    Pokemon Agate

    Pokemon Agate The male and female protoganist ~by pbfhdude~ ~credit to pbfhdude and Kecleo~ WIP's ~credit to metalflygon~ The fire starter fanart. I decided to call it Firuppy (FIRe-pUPPY) ~credit to Junpearl~ I will update this post as i go Helpers...
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    changing pic format

    how do i change images from 1 type of file into a pmg file plz help Can anybody help me please
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    Threads in wrong place

    Hi im new and i put one of my threads in the wrong forum i should of put it in fan sprites but i put it in fan art could someone please tell me how to move threads into a differant forum
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    Pokemon Recolours and Fusions

    Please feel free to show off your own art here is some of mine From order of left to right: Totodile+Chikorita,Shuppet+Pikachu and Swinub+Quilfish
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    my diamond team

    my team: ;157; lv:58 ;153; lv:22 ;egg; lv:egg :172bros: lv:51 lv:16