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  1. Yggdrassal

    ENG 6IV Ditto for Foreign 6IV Ditto

    I'm looking for a non-ENG 6IV Ditto and will trade my ENG relaxed nature 6IV Ditto for it. I also have a modest 6IV Ditto, but will only trade that for another (foreign) modest 6IV Ditto. Never made this trade, but I ended up getting a 6IV foreign Ditto anyway. trade is now closed.
  2. Yggdrassal

    HA Trades

    HAs: All trades completed. I can breed these hidden ability pokemon in return: Applin- Bulletproof (Flapple- Hustle, Appletun- Thick Fat) Blipbug- Telepathy Bounsweet- Sweet Veil Bunnelby- Huge Power Caterpie- Run Away (Butterfree- Tinted Lens) Charmander- Solar Power Chewtle- Swift Swim...
  3. Yggdrassal

    LF Sableye, Offering almost anything else

    I need a Sableye to complete my dex and no one seems to have one. I can offer any other breedable pokemon in return along with a Tart Apple or Fossilized Bird/Dino if needed. I can also offer these with their hidden abilities Rookidee, Zigzagoon, Sizlipede, Silicobra, Chewtle, Pawniard...
  4. Yggdrassal

    LF Diancie

    Hey, I'm looking for a diancie. Level, nature, IVs, etc. are not important. I'm offering a Hoopa (lv 50, Lonely) for trade. If there is something else you are looking for instead, feel free to ask, but I can't guarantee anything other than the Hoopa. I'm typically free to trade evenings and...