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  1. Dask

    Britt's Shiny and Event Shop | {UltraSun & UltraMoon Edition!} + Prev. Gens

    I didn't see it in your lists, but I have Pokemon Ranch Hayley's Aerodactyl if you are interested. However, it's been touched (Lvl'd to 100 & named) Do you only do 1 for 1? Gosh, I'm missing so much .-.
  2. Dask

    Wonder Trade Stories

    Last week I got a 5IV 31/x/31/31/31/31 SHINY Timid Charmander with 2 egg moves. Also between then and now I'd gotten 2 6IV pokemon. Weedle and Growlithe. Totally keeping and training up the Char for one of my teams. Using the other two for breeding purposes as they aren't ideal natures...
  3. Dask

    What does cubone's face look like?

    The body looks alot like a baby kangaskhan's..so that's what I think. Kangakhsan.