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    New manga by Mohiro Kitoh

    So Mohiro Kitoh has announced that he will make a new manga based on bikes. If anyone is familiar with Naru taru and Bokurano it probably is going to get depressing at some point.
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    Familiar english voice actors to voice in the show

    In regards to the english dub voice actors that will voice certain characters in the future dubbed episodes of the show, who would you like to appear? I would like to see whoever voiced Haruhi in english to be Candice's voice.
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    Gundam 00 movie

    After the ending of the final episode of Gundam 00 we see a picture of Jupiter that indicates that the new movie will revolve around that area. What do you think the movie will be about? I'm thinking we'll be seeing Gundams vs. Aliens or something.
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    Dark Reign's ending

    Anyone want to speculate the ending of Dark Reign? Judging from Bullseye's recent actions I am thinking he will be the downfall of Osbourne's machinations.
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    Weirdest manga character

    In your opinion what was the weirdest manga character you have read in a manga? In the newest Battle Angel Alita: Last Order issue they introduced a cybernetic monster that has a libido blaster. That's right, this monster's **** is a laser!:p
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    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Since there is going to be a movie made about Where the Wild Things Are I thought I could also talk about the upcoming movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. It has George Clooney voicing Mr. Fox so I am sure it will be entertaining.
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    Power Pack/Dark Reign

    During the Secret Invasion arc in Marvel the Power Pack team in the All Ages comics had to deal with Skrulls in their own way. Do you think that during the Dark Reign arc the Power Pack kids' will have to deal with the same changes that are occuring in the Marvel world?
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    Barry Allen and Bart Allen returning to comics

    Anyone here think it's going to be good to the the Flashes Barry Allen and Bart Allen returning from the dead? I think it's going to be interesting.
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    Last Resort's mechanics in the animé

    Last Resort's mechanics in the animé How do you suppose the animé will handle Last Resort? Will it be an attack where the user just has to use up to 4 moves like in the games, or in a more realistic sense every move that the user has ever learned? Hopefully it's more like the game version.
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    The Skrulls of Marvel

    Anyone think that Marvel is overhyping the Skrulls these days? I mean they have their own website www.embracechange.org. It doesn't really feel right if you ask me.
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    Platinum move tutor attacks

    In regards to the new Platinum move tutors, what attacks would you like for Ash and Co.? Here's an example: Ash: Gliscor: Aqua Tail: I know people want Gliscor to learn Night Slash, but learning Aqua Tail could easily beat Paul's Gliscor. Well Payback too, but this is for the Platinum...
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    Animé characters you wish were "gone"

    Animé characters you wish were "gone" In any animé that has ever aired which character(s) do you wish were "gone"? Frankly I kinda wish Nina from Code Geass "disappeared" just because she was kinda annoying.
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    TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo crossing over to Marvel/DC Universe

    Since the DC Universe (Superman, Batman, etc.) and the Marvel Universe have been known to have some crazy crossovers between their world and other worlds (Marvel/Transformers, DC/Marvel, DC/Aliens Vs. Predator), how would you feel if we see a crossover between the TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo series and...
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    Gundam 00 season 2

    Anyone here excited towards watching the second season of Gundam 00? I sure am. Heh, I wonder how the new Gundams will function this time?
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    Nicknames for a pokémon if you were in the animé

    Nicknames for a pokémon if you were in the animé What nickname would you use for a pokémon if you caught/trained/evolved in the animé and why? Here's an example: Sceptile Nickname: Raziel Reason: If anyone has ever play the Legacy of Kain series as Raziel did anyone think that Leaf...
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    Ben 10 Alien Force season 2

    Meh, since Ben 10 Alien Force is ending its 1st season soon , I thought it'd be nice to discuss what season 2 may bring. Here's some of my thoughts: 1. Old (at least the under used) aliens returning: Frankly I'd LOVE to see the less used aliens from the original series appear like Benwolf...
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    Death Note sequel series

    Apparently Japan is working on a new Death Note series. Frankly, I'm hoping to hear about more of the older characters like Sayu and the Yagamis, but I don't really know if it'll be as entertaining as the original series.
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    Anybody remember this show? I do. Heh, it got me into reading with all its episodes.
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    Weirdest english voice actor for an animé character

    Weirdest english voice actor for an animé character In all the animé that is dubbed in the U.S. today, which characters have the weirdest english voice actor, in your opinion?
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    Dawn with a Mamoswine

    In the SEMI-unlikely event that we will see Dawn's Swinub (maybe) fully evolve into a Mamoswine, how would you react to this particular event.