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    Long Time No RMT

    Hey guys, it's been a LONG time since I've posted here and I'm glad to be back. This is purely In-Game. So, on to the team. Swampert Torrent Adamant Moves: - Waterfall - Earthquake - Ice Punch - Curse Whimsicott Prankster Modest Moves: - Giga Drain - Moonblast - Leech Seed - Stun Spore...
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    First Battle Maison Team

    I've messed around in there a couple times, but never did it seriously. I want to do Singles. So, here's my team. Durant @ Choice Scarf Truant Jolly 252 HP 252 Spe 4 SpD Moves: - Entrainment - Protect - Iron Head - Crunch Haxorus@??? Mold Breaker Adamant/Jolly 252 Atk 252 Spe 4HP Moves: -...
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    Long Time No Post

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been really busy with school lately so I haven't had time to be on the forums. This time around, I wanted to do an in game team based on unappreciated Pokémon. So, here goes. Delphox Blaze Timid Moves: - Flamethrower - Psychic - Grass Knot - Shadow...
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    Dragon Monotype Team

    Mega Charizard X Tough Claws Jolly Moves: ·Flare Blitz ·Dragon Claw ·Earthquake ·Fly Goodra Hydration Modest/Timid Moves: ·Dragon Pulse ·Flamethrower ·Surf ·Sludge Bomb/Wave Tyrantrum Strong Jaw Adamant/Jolly Moves: ·Dragon Claw ·Rock Slide ·Earthquake ·Crunch...
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    Another X Team

    :655: Delphox Blaze Modest Moves: -Flanethrower -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Grass Knot ;475; Gallade Steadfast Adamant Moves: -Psycho Cut -Close Combat -Night Slash -Rock Slide ;026; Raichu Static Modest Moves: -Thunderbolt -Nasty Plot -Grass Knot -Nuzzle/Focus Blast :699: Aurorus Refrigerate...
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    Pokemon X Fairy Monotype- In-Game

    Here's the team... Florges Flower Veil Modest Moves: -Moonblast -Psychic -Energy Ball -Aromatherapy/Wish Gardevoir Synchronize Modest/Timid Moves: -Moonblast -Psychic -Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt -Calm Mind/Thunderbolt Mega Mawile Huge Power Adamant Moves: -Iron Head...
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    Wadda Ya Think?

    This is another team for Pokemon X. I want to know what you think about it. Delphox Blaze Modest Moves: ·Flamethrower ·Psychic ·Shadow Ball ·Grass Knot Barbaracle Tough Claws Adamant Moves: ·Razor Shell ·Rock Slide ·Earthquake ·X-Scissor Roserade Natural Cure Timid Moves: ·Energy Ball ·Sludge...
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    Diamond Playthrough

    Hi everyone, ths is my second playthrough of Pokemon Diamond Version. I wanted to make a team that could cover every Type with my Pokemon's types. Here's the team. Torterra Overgrow Adamant Moves: ·Seed Bomb ·Earthquake ·Rock Slide ·Crunch Togekiss Serene Grace Modest/Timid Moves: ·Aura Sphere...
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    Legend Of Korra Returns!

    The second season of The Legend Of Korra is returning! I consider it the funniest and one of the best drawn animes I've ever seen. It's due to premier on Friday Sept. 13 2013. Who knew something so good would happen on Friday the 13th? :D
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    *~Throwback to White~*

    Well, there hasn't been a White or Black RMT in a while. I've decided to do a playthrough of all my Pokemon Games while waiting for Pokemon X&Y to come out. 51 (or so) Days Left!!!!. Here's my Team fir White. Serperior Adamant/Jolly Overgrow Moves: ·Leaf Blade ·Coil ·Aqua Tail ·Return/Aerial...
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    Pokemon Black 2 Team

    Well, here's my new team. Emboar-Pumba Blaze Adamant Moves: ·Flare Blitz ·Brick Break ·Rock Slide ·Wild Charge Simisage-Zuko Gluttony Admamt Moves: ·Seed Bomb ·Rock.Slide ·Acrobatics/Dig ·Shadow Claw Golduck-Daisy Cloud Nine Modest Moves: ·Surf ·Ice Beam ·Psychic ·Calm Mind Magnezone-...
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    Back To Basics

    Okay, after a while of just doing "for fun" teams. I've decided to go back to just regular game play. So here is my team: Samurott Modest Torrent Moves: -Surf -Ice Beam -Grass Knot -HP Ground As always... Ampharos Static Calm Moves: -Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Cotton Guard -HP Ice Same...
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    Battle Subway Singles Rain Team

    Hi everyone! This is my very first weather team ever so, bare with me. The Team: Politoed@Wide Lens Modest Drizzle 252 HP|252 Sp.Atk|4Def(?) Moves: •Hydro Pump •Focus Blast •Blizzard •Hypnosis A given. Wide Lens to up that Accuracy. Focus Blast for Ferrothorn. Not much else to say...
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    Is my Pokemon White 2 Team balanced or at least good?

    First off use this format when posting a Pokemon: Pokemon@Item Nature Ability Moves: ·Move 1 ·Move 2 ·Move 3 ·Move 4 DON'T give Pokemon all moves of the same type unless it's utility. We also don't need to know all your stats. Luxray Adamant Intimidate Moves: ·Wild Charge...
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    Diamond Birthday Team

    Hi, everyone. Today is my birthday. I got some money for my birthday so, I bought myself Pokemon Diamond. Here's the team. Infernape Blaze Moves: ·Flamethrower ·Brick Break ·Grass Knot ·Shadow Claw Floatzel Swift Swim Moves: •Watrerfall •Ice Fang •Crunch •Dig Raichu Static...
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    Team Medusa

    This a MonoLook Team. All the Pokemon on here look like snakes (my def). I made this team out of boredom. When I'm bored I like to look at random Pokedex entries and came across Arbock and Seviper. Two Pokemon that where the inspiration for this team. Both lacking in stats, but endowed with...
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    Ready...Set...GO!!! ( Black 2 In-Game Team)

    Hi, everyone! I seem to post at lot of teams here. Guess I just played through the game so much I go so fast. Anyway, there's no reason why I gave the Thread this name except I just didn't want you average " Black 2 RMT". So, here's the team. Samurott Torrent Mild Moves: -Surf -Ice...
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    White In-Game Team

    Samurott@ Wise Glasses Torrent Timid Nature Moves: ·Surf ·Ice Beam ·HP Ground ·Grass Knot Chandelure@ Leftovers Flash Fire Modest Nature Moves: ·Flamethrower ·Shadow Ball ·Energy Ball ·Psychic/Calm Mind Sawsbuck@ Shell Bell Sap Sipper Adamant/Jolly Nature Moves: ·Horn Leech ·Return ·Wild...
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    "The Origin of Aurea"

    Hello everyone, this is my first attempt on writing a FanFic. Here's some main info. Characters: Aurea Juniper- Main character. Starting off on her first Pokemon journey. Ellena: Aurea's Childhood friend and rival. (Nate/Rosa's mother from Black/White2) Cedric Juniper: Aurea's father and...
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    Check It Out!

    This is a team for White. THE TEAM: Slowbro-Pablo Regenerator Modest Moves: ·Psychic ·Surf ·Flamethrower ·Thunder Wave/ Shadow Ball Volcarona-Solara Flame Body Timid Moves: ·Fiery Dance ·Bug Buzz ·Quiver Dance ·Giga Drain Whimsicott-Apollo Prankster Modest ·Giga Drain ·Shadow Ball ·Sleep...