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    Does Ash "Remember"?

    ******Im not talking about the movies!****** Okay, im not sure if this question has ever been asked before, but hey its worth a try eh? Rewind back to the Johto regional tournament, Ash Vs Harrison. What end pokemon did Harrison have? A Blaziken is what he had. Now, May got the starter...
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    Possible Move Tutor Moves..

    There have been two pokemon in D/P that have gotten move tutor moves(basically that is what I remember hearing about). Staravia got Brave Bird and Turtwig(at the time)got Energy ball. So, what moves do you think the Pokemon on the main cast will get?
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    Last Pokemon of Ash's you want to see in the D/P Battle Frontier?

    *last Pokemon of ASH'S/as in he dosent get a NEW one**** The one pokemon Ash has that I dont want to see, contrary to popular belief is... Swellow. I bet you were thinking Charizard, but no. Charizard is one of Ash's best characters, and ash dosent have other dragon style pokemon. I know he is...
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    BeetleBeetleBeetle I love Heracross to the fullest, almost as much as my slogan pokemon, Charizard and Sceptile. Your damn right this will be one of my more fanboyish posts ^_____^ So, what do you guys think of Hera when we saw him against Spencer(?) in the battle frontier? Though he...
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    Do you want to see Brock handle a Starter again?

    *THIS is NOT about what pokemon Brock should get next* Brock has only gotten one starter ever, Mudkip-->Marshtomp. I feel that it was miss managed horribly, partly because of Sceptile(as well as some of the other pokemon on Ash's team) and May's contests. Also, the term "Mudkipz" comes to...
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    Ash and a Water Type Starter

    My posts in the Elemental Hyper Beam topic got me thinking, has Ash had a reliable water starter? Squirtle: While only lately(in the Brandon Re-Match) has Squirtle impressed me. Even then I dont think he was ever that great. Totodile: I never remembered him much aside from when he bit...
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    Best of the Best?

    Who are the main characters best possible put together teams in your opinion? Here i go. Ash(basing this off of what a normal team of his may look like): -Pidgeot(imo his best flyer) -Lapras(none of his water types impress me alot besides the ocean emperor) -Snorlax(Ash's powerful standby...