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Search results

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    Trading 6iv shiny ditto. 6iv mew(lvl1)

    Lf: giga shiny alcremie, giga shiny lapras, giga shiny gengar BR.
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    Trading 5iv pokemons

    Trading i have 2full boxes of 5iv corsola weak armor/cursed body bold 5iv rookidee bigpecks adamant 5iv eevee anticipation modest Lf: all alcremie forms. 9x Strawberry sweet 9x Berry sweet 9x Love sweet 9xStar sweet 9xClover sweet 9xFlower sweet 9xRibbon sweet
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    Trading 6iv applin w/ha

    Looking for 6iv corsola w ha, bold Gmax pokemon
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    Trading 6iv applin w/ HA

    I have 4 x6iv applin w/ HA Lf gmax lapras Gmax gengar Or shiny pokemon
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    Trading giga alcremie

    LF shiny pokemon
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    Trading Jap dittos. . . And fee HA mons

    Trading 1x 4iv jap ditto escalavier 1x 3iv jap ditto for silvally 1x reg jap ditto for gothorita
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    TRADING “POKERUS” pokemon for shiny pokemon

    I have alot of extra pokerus pokemons and im trading them for shiny pokemons