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  1. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Christmas 2020

    Well it is Christmas 2020. That means it is time to say what you got for Christmas. Me, I got the following: gloves Reese's Pieces Baby Yoda T-shirt Walmart Exclusive Star Wars Knight of Ren (Arm Cannon) Funko Pop Xbox One/Xbox Series X video game: Override 2 Super Mech League Ultraman Deluxe...
  2. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Christmas 2019 What did you get?

    Well it is Christmas again so it is time to talk about what you got for Christmas this year. This year I got the following gifts: Blu-Ray: Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Blu-Ray: Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi Xbox One Game: Borderlands 3 Double A Batteries candy cane of...
  3. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    This thread is for listing the presents you got Christmas this year. Here is part one of the presents I got: A clementine (type of orange) Star Wars Mad Libs Book: Facts About Germany Book: The Ship That Wouldn't Die: The Saga of the USS Neosho A World War II Story of Courage and...