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  1. Dratini927

    Regarding the SpamBots

    Wow, I haven't made a thread on here in ages it seems. :p Anyway...with the recent influx of SpamBots on the server, the following below should be known in order to deal with them and prevent yourselves from being exposed to channels that you probably do not want to be in: What are SpamBots...
  2. Dratini927

    Official "What is your Team?" Thread

    Hmm, I think this thread can be a handy place for people to post their teams from any 3rd Generation game. This will stop other threads like this from appearing. So with that said, post your 3rd Generation teams here. :) EDIT: Since this thread is now in past generations discussion, feel free to...
  3. Dratini927

    The PokeRus FAQ

    Well, lately I have seen a lot of threads talking about PokeRus, so I decided to create a FAQ thread about PokeRus. Below are commonly asked questions about PokeRus that the main site may not go over. If you have a question about PokeRus, it may be answered here, and if you still don't...