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    The Virginity Thread redux

    Every Misc. generation has some version of this thread. It occurs to me that most of you didn't see the old one. I miss it. So I'm starting it again. Discuss your virginity or lack thereof here! As for me, well, I'm proud to be a man of God and therefore a virgin, and I will be until I...
  2. K

    Should grammar be protected from abuse?

    Here in the SPPf Debate Forum, we discuss all sorts of abuses and abusers: from the London Riots to gay marriage, from a(nti)theism to the hilariously pseudofactual cesspool that is global warming thread, strong ethical questions of "should we?" are posed, answered, discarded, and answered...
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    A noun is a powerful thing. It could turn out to be a tiny principle, but if you believe in it, it could grow and evolve to become the very basis of most, if not all, of your thought processes. This can be beneficial or dangerous, because if two people believe in opposite things it has the...
  4. K

    The Phantom Tollbooth!

    Who else here read and loved The Phantom Tollbooth as a child? I re-read it to my sister and realized how many of its themes and motifs stick with me today. What were everyone's favorite parts? I liked Dictionopolis the best, because I believe language is one of the most important parts of...
  5. K

    A frank discussion about homophonia

    Sometimes, when something is deeply personal to you, and to your feelings, you need to take a stand. We on this forum have seen many thought-provoking discussions on what it means to be a tolerant, accepting (or not, as the case may be) individual in modern society. We've seen serious...
  6. K

    What moral thing did you do today?

    I did not take advantage of a very pretty and slightly tipsy girl. I also returned my tray to the cafeteria after using it as a sled instead of leaving it outside in the snow. What about y'all?
  7. K

    Who is more obnoxious: antitheists or Bible-thumpers?

    The debate forum has seen its share of religious topics. Evolution, abortion, grammar, and, most recently, homosexuality, have had their share in the spotlight, gotten very nasty on both sides, and subsequently closed. However, every single one of these debates inevitably comes down to a...
  8. K

    But how does God feel about grammar?

    Clearly, as God created the universe, He also created our many beautiful languages, with all their rules and inconsistencies. Since God made grammar, shouldn't we honor His creation by learning simple rules of spelling and punctuation? I believe that God is pro-grammar! I believe that God knows...
  9. K

    Project Runway!

    Well, the new season won't start 'til July. In the meantime, we can wait it out by discussing past seasons. Anyone else a little annoyed by Christian Siriano's win? I mean, he was talented, but he made the same thing every single challenge. It was like Uli all over again. I feel like his win...
  10. K

    Anyone else have the fake Pokemon Crystal?

    I bought a used cartridge at Gamestop today and thought, "That's odd, why is the cartridge black instead of clear blue and speckly?" My friends, it is a fake game. Professor Elm is Dr. Wusiji, Pokemon are "Elfs" (sic), and Chikorita is called something like "Qiaouzu." I can't decide if I should...
  11. K

    Do you REALLY think ethanol is a good idea?

    Our (the United States') government would like us to believe that corn ethanol is something of a silver bullet for our energy problems. The problem is that corn ethanol is so energy-inefficient that more energy is used making it than could be gotten from it. Besides that, using corn for...
  12. K

    The Great College Freakout

    I'm sitting here throwing fits about college interviews, and I know I can't be the only one on this forum. Who else here is doing the Great College Freakout? Doesn't it seem overly complicated?
  13. K

    So, um, this my newbie post.

    So, Hi! Nice to meet everyone! Thank you! I've never been on a forum before. It's a little intimidating; everyone seems to be such good friends with each other! Could someone please explain to me about "groups," "buddy lists," etc.? Actually, I'm sure there's an FAQ somewhere, so I'll go...