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    The Walking Dead Thread (games)

    The walking dead game by telltale games is absolutely terrific it was a well made game. I can't wait for season 2. The walking dead survival instinct game looks good as well although the graphics need some help though. Follow all sppf rule or deal with this...
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    Ok, cartoon network is taking a turn for the worse.

    Cartoon network is making the dumbest shows ever. The batman show they are going to produce isn't going to have the original villains which sucks. What is batman without joker? Second of all I'd like to see more of the classic cartoons. Best cartoon on cartoon network is arguably regular...
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    Jak and daxter thread

    Don't know if anyone's excited but the boys are finally coming back(sorta) they are coming back in HD the three main games are coming back in february hell yea I'm pumped favorite ps2 series by far
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    Did anyone play the jak games

    Such as jak and daxter I really would like them to put them on ps3 Like what they are doing with sly Cooper
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    What changes would u make if you were ruler of your country

    Let me know what changes you would make
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    Anyone know where I can get into a modded lobby in black ops

    On the ps3 anyone know where I can get into one
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    What if pokemon was also put on ps3 and xbox

    It would be freaking cool to have pokemon on ps3 and xbox 360 really good graphics
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    Anyone play ps3??

    If you play ps3 let me know what games u play and I might add u :-)
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    I have question

    Check my profile for my question ;025;