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  1. Z

    A New Region With Fakemon and Stuff

    Hello, all! I've been trawling the art forum for a while, and I get very excited whenever I see something related to Fakemon. So, I figured, heck, I'll put my own up for people to see and stuff. So yeah. This is the Nassum region Fakedex. For the record, I am capable of using thin lines...
  2. Z

    The Telephone Game V.2

    Hey guys! So, the only version of this game I could find was the one by Zhanton, but it sounded pretty fun. Thus, I'm remaking it! The rules here are simple. Change one word of the above sentence to completely alter its meaning, but still sort of make sense. Example: I ate pancakes for...
  3. Z

    Odd One Out

    Hi everyone! Since my previous game died a long time ago, I've decided to make a new one! The rules of this game are simple. I'll post a set of four Pokemon. Three of them will have a certain thing in common. The goal of this game is to guess which one is, like the title says, the odd one out...
  4. Z

    The Alpha Dex (rated PG)

    Hello, everyone! This is a new fanfiction that I will be, well, writing. So, essentially, this is a fic where readers will give me requests on what Pokemon to use in a oneshot, and I will try to write about all 649. Also, after every oneshot, I will write my own Pokedex entry that the writers at...
  5. Z

    Funny Definitions

    This thread is basically what the title says it is, saying a word then giving a strange definition for it. For example: Wine: Really old alcoholic grape juice. All basic rules apply. Also, try to keep from swearing. Each time you give a definition, give a new word for the next person to...
  6. Z

    From the Past to the Present

    Hi everyone! I'm new here at serebii, but my favourite part here was always the fanfictions. I've decided to finally post one of my own. Also, just to let you know, if my writing sucks, just tell me and I'll stop writing, going on in my life knowing I shouldn't pursue a career in writing(don't...