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    Changing of the Guards [UU]

    Changing of the Guards by The Gaslight Anthem Hello people :D This time I decdided to play UU for a time. It is centered about two strong fighters: Medicham and Mienshao. It peaked 1224 on PO, which is prettty good for me, considering I'm one of P4L's hax magnets :3 Please help improving :D...
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    "Dance on ashes of the world"

    Title quote: Rise Against - The Unraveling Hello people, Been a while since I were on this forum, but I will start rating new threads again :3 This is my new team, to make my pseudo-comeback, centered around my all-time favourite pokemon: Salamence. This team supports his sweep, and can kill...
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    OU team starring a Sitting Duck

    Hello fellow Serebii members, Originally I was thinking of making an uber RMT called Judgment Day (I think we all know why) starring Arceus, but I suck at ubers, so I decided to do just another OU team, which has been doing fairly well on both PO and PS (PO peak 1266, PS peak 1715), but it's...
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    No Bull

    Hello fellow members of Serebiiforums. Welcome to my new RMT, using a very overused poke, who I still hate, but he serves his role so well. I'm talking about No Bull, the Terrakion here. The team is pretty offensive, but due to bulky pokes, won't get swept with ease~ I present you: No...
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    no title yet

    Hello fellow members of Serebii :D Welcome to my new RMT. This team was created, as I was trying something new, and it turned out to be a full VoltTurn team. I try to hit hard, fast and run, so good synergy was needed. I'm open to all suggestions. Without further ado, I present to you: --Edits...
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    Siren Song of the Counter Culture

    Counterteam Click here to enjoy the album by Rise Against. Hello people of Serebii forums, Welcome to my new RMT. When I ran out of inspiration, this album by Rise Against gave me the idea for a new team: a counterteam. So I started with the following threatlist to create my team. I might...
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    Cavalry! This Means War!

    Hello, people reading this :D Welcome to my RMT. It's been a while since I posted my previous team, which you kindly helped me improve, thank you for that. I hope you will help me with this team too, as it doesn't win as much battles as I want it to. Let me introduce to you: --Changes in...
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    Hello people who read this, Welcome to my very first RMT here on Serebiiforums. As the title says, this team is built around a Rampardos. I prefer to play defensive, and when the opponents team is weakened, Rampardos can sweep the leftovers. I present you: Rampardos @ Lum Berry Adamant nature...