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    Best wishes reflection... Opinions...

    As we look back to best wishes, we remember tournaments, gym battles, rival fights, and much more. What id like to know is, compared to past sagas/regions, how do you think BW stacked up? Use this thread to discuss your positives and negatives from best wishes. *note this is not a BW bash...
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    Pokemon league patterns?

    Every second gen, ash has used his old pokemon, do you think this will continue to his next league in kalos? Also, in Sinnoh, many of ash's pokemon werent used in battle? Was this intentional to set up which pokes return in the kalos league? Other topics may be discussed including amount of...
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    Where is ash heading after unova?

    Where do you guys think ash will go after the whole episode N arc? Will he return to kanto and then another region he's already visited, or will he go to a whole new region with gen 6 pokemon? Also who will he travel with? Return of Brock/misty/may or stick with iris and cilan? Thoughts anyone?