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    Triples Battle Competitive Team

    So this team has gone 50 wins in the Maison (and still going, just building other teams). I wanted to get it rated to see if others could find things wrong with it that I have possibly missed. For me, this team usually wins on average in 3 turns and with a bad matchup, a maximum of 5 (this...
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    X and Y Rare Berries, Rare Items, 5/4IV Pokemon w/ and w/o Egg Moves Trade Shop.

    Item Trades will be done using my Y, but trade the item I want to my AS game. Thanks! Also, now doing BankBall requests! Lastly, I now have Cutsap, Micle, Jaboca and Rowap Berries for trade! Hey Guys and Gals! Since I still have yet to breed a lot of things for teams, I figured I should start...