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    Heyy need help with battle fornitair

    Hey People ^_^ i was doing the battle frontiar (Battle Aracde) i did the 21 battles to fight the brain but when i was done it made me go and the more battles? why is that? Or do i hav to do single or double battles?
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    What should Tyranitar learn?

    Hey peps. I was just wondering what should I teach my Tyranitar Flamethrower/Aqua Tail/ or Outrage, can you guys give me your thoughts. Atm it knows Earthquake Dark Pulse(Gonna get another Dark move that is Physical) Stone Edge Dragon Dance 255Spd Evs 255Attack Evs Attack is 175 Sp.Atk...
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    Need help finding......

    Hellows. Ahhh where do you find Tm 18 Rain Dance i been looking all over route 213 in the water everywhere. Can someone give me details for finding Rain Dance? Pleaseeeeeeee Ish Wassay.
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    Rate my Platinum Team Please

    Hellows people. Is this a good Party to go with to the Battle Frontair Garchomp:Dragon Fang Navie Nature Dragon Rush Draco Meteor Subsitute Dragon Claw Charizard:Charcoal Adamant Nature Flamethrower Blast Burn Wing Attack Flare Biltz Empoleon:Shell Bell Docile Nature Hydro...
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    Need help with EVs. T-T

    Hey people. I was training my Larvitar with speed Ev.s (newly Hatched) and i was contuinsely fighting that guy by Eterna City with the 6 Magickarps. When my Larvitar evoled at lv 30 I contuned to Ev train it I fought over 70 magickarps and then when my Pupitar evolved I only got +2 not like...