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    Dropped Item Subquest? White/black 2

    Hello, not sure if this goes here, please put it in the right place if it isn't :X I'm doing the subquest, and I called Curtis once, but then he dissappeared off my Xtransceiver! Is this a major glitch, or is this supposed to happen? Please let me know
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    Looking for a Banner for my siggy~

    Hello! I'm looking for a flying type banner/sprites for my signature, maybe one with a Togekiss on it? I'd like it to be purple...the same color pallet that the gym leader Winona has :) Also I'd like the sprite for Winona to be on it, if that's fine? Please PM me if you'd like to try~
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    Which Game should I get G/S/C or R/B/Y?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I haven't been on this forum in ages :X I was thinking about buying either Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal or Red/Blue/Yellow but I was wondering which one in your opinion, should I get? Or should I just cave in and buy a used DS for the newer Gen? (The...
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    Trying To Get A Hitmontop???

    ;237; Try this (It worked for me:) ) 1.Get to lv 19 and have under 400 exp left to lv 20. 2.Use Iron's until your attack & defence are the same. 3.Go to Route 117 & Fight SR. AND JR. ANNA & MEG. 4. Faint the Hariyama FIRST. 5.Don't faint the Linoone until it says you can attack again (your...
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    Where do you get...

    the pokemon contest scarfs? I know you have to get it at the pokemon fan club in slateport... but how?