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  1. Shadao

    Dawn’s Contest Arc?

    The thing to note about Dawn is that she is considered to be a co-protagonist rather than just a supporting protagonist. Diamond and Pearl is her show as much as it is Ash's show. As such, the episodes focusing on her tends to weave back and forth with Ash, which is why many consider their...
  2. Shadao

    Is volkner e4 level

    Volkner was said to be bored of Gym Battles because apparently it was too easy and predictable for him, and he was planning to face the Elite Four before you the player gave him a battle he would never forget. At least that's in the game.
  3. Shadao

    Which companion did you feel like the writers didn’t have a clear plan for?

    Brock in the Johto and Hoenn saga comes to mind. They brought him back because of his popularity with fans in both the East and West, but they never really do anything to make him to make his return warranted. He was just there and it wasn't until DP that Brock got some actual focus as a...
  4. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    1) Subtly is the eye of the beholder. To lots of people, Ash’s expressions prove that he reciprocates. To those who deny this ship or have bias to other ships, they won’t see it. Heck, I even saw some folks insisting that Serena didn’t kiss Ash due to discretion shot. 2) That demand is even...
  5. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    1. That is never true since the anime's debut. Takeshi Shudo, aka the original head writer for Pokémon, specifically made the Team Rocket trio as something for adults to enjoy while they watch the show with their kids. It's why many fans consider them the best part of the show and why they tend...
  6. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Once again, the visuals tell a different story unless you want Ash to outright say it in an out of character confession (which would ruin the moment).
  7. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    His eyes have a dazed effect in that close up, which disappears once he smiles. That is his blush. And like the kiss, anything that resembles ambiguity is simply to get pass the censors. It's an open secret that Serena kissed Ash despite everyone on the show (and the episode itself) playing coy...
  8. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Ash's eyes dazzle for a bit with an awe expression, as if he now realizes just how much Serena likes (understatement of the century) him. He then blinks and his awe face goes to a warm smile. Whatever it is, it's not rejection or confusion. For a 10 year old boy, all you can do is be happy...
  9. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Cliffhanger? That was closure considering how risky it was to even do it to begin with. In Japan, you don't give a kiss to someone casually. Especially a first kiss. A sacred first kiss. The sacred first kiss is considered to be an "adult" kiss reserved for someone you truly love and is a rite...
  10. Shadao

    What if scenario: Ash loses the Alola league?

    Well, there are a lot of fans who stick with the Chicago Cubs for over a hundred and eight years until they actually won in 2016, so I don't think it'll be that easy for fans to abandon Ash for another team. If anything, they'll think there's some curse placed upon Ash and the only way to break...
  11. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Because that montage really highlights how Satoshi and Serena's relationship developed from their first encounter in Oak's Summer Camp and throughout their Kalos Journey together. A kiss out of context is adorably cute, but a montage really does tell the viewer that this is more than just a...
  12. Shadao

    Will there be a chance for a Chole and Ash shipping ?

    Honestly, after Serena, it's extremely difficult for me to imagine Ash being shipped any future girl like Chole. I can see Ash x Goh or Goh x Chole due to their individual chemistry with one another. But Ash and Chole don't really seem to be compatible with each other and I think it's because...
  13. Shadao

    Netflix's Live Action Pokemon Adaptation in the works

    No, it can only work if it's own thing because live-action works differently from animation, and you play the format by its strength rather than forcing it to a certain format. Adventures can be dark but also light-hearted and cartoonishly funny. I can see it as anime but not a live-action...
  14. Shadao

    What if scenario: Ash loses the Alola league?

    Or it could be that Ash's reputation as a strong trainer is all you need to know about him. Just like how Red is known as simply the Pokémon Trainer rather than Champion of Kanto despite the obvious fact we know he's the strongest. As for the question itself, that was already answered with...
  15. Shadao

    Ash vs Tobias, what went wrong?

    The problem is less about Ash losing the League and more of the fact they couldn't figure out how to believably make Ash lose the League. After the final battle with Paul, virtually nothing was going to top it. When you look at the Johto League in comparison, you will notice that they had two...
  16. Shadao

    Why Don't Team Rocket Leaving During either Advanced Generation or Best wishes?

    Team Rocket is very popular with fans for their more parental humor as well as the fact they provide easy conflict for Ash when need be. It's only in recent years have they suffer a noticeable decline in appearance and I attribute that to the fact the writers have gotten used to writing stories...
  17. Shadao

    No Pokespe this month. Kusaka-sensei is unwell.

    It's time like these where people deserve to take a break from making Pokémon stories. They've already made great content and stories for the franchise to satisfy fans for months if not years right now. They should prioritize on their health first and foremost.
  18. Shadao

    Has the Strength of "Unbeatable" Trainers been reduced by the Anime in Recent Times?

    Here's the best way to summarize what was going on, from the film Hook: When Ash was starting out, the Elite Four and Champion were simply untouchable and rightfully titled Elite. You can't scratch them, much less beat them in any match. They serve as a reminder that you have a long way to...
  19. Shadao

    Could Ash win against prime Red?

    Obviously so, and I wish there'll be more how would Ash and Red interact as people rather than pit them against each for some random battle match.
  20. Shadao

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Today is the last day of Kalos Month and naturally, Pokémon Twitter knows how to end it on.