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  1. your_worst_nightmare

    Dex completion

    I’m looking to trade for a few Mons to complete my dex for the shiny charm on my copy of Let’s Go Eevee. I only need a few and if I could keep the traded Pokémon that would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking to have a living dex, so if I could have multiple for the evolution lines that would be...
  2. your_worst_nightmare

    Fan art I did a while back

    I would like some honest opinions on this I drew a year or so ago. Im debating on if I should start drawing again. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/189/3/a/best_friends_2_by_nightmare_in_death-d3lfzu3.jpg
  3. your_worst_nightmare


    I'd like to know your honest opinions on this piece of mine. I think I could have done a better job with the coloring... (this is why i dont color... >.<) I have decided to try my hand at drawing pokemon I normally wouldnt draw, and to also practice my coloring skills. Please tell me what...
  4. your_worst_nightmare

    Looking for criticue on a few things please

    Just as I mentioned in the title, im looking for people to criticue my artwork. Tell me if anything needs to be changed or added(if i dont mention it or someting), I want to know what you guys think. Ive been in a slump lately and I just picked my sketchbook up the other day. I tryed straying...
  5. your_worst_nightmare

    Raindance team( in progress)

    Machamp w/ (havent figured that out yet) Adamant Nature Ev's- 252atk, 4Spatk, 252spd Thunder Punch, Seismic Toss, Earthquake, Bulk up Ability- No Guard this one was kinda hard to figure out, but i think the move pool best helps the team set up as is...
  6. your_worst_nightmare

    A bit of my work~

    Here is some art I have done this year, I hope you like it :) Feel free to tell me what I need to work on, and dont be afraid to crit' anything. ;260; ;260; ;260; Just finished this a while ago. http://nightmare-in-death.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d48x86a I tried to do chibi pokemon but i...
  7. your_worst_nightmare

    Nightmares Userbars! :P

    Hi Peoplez! here you can find userbars that I can make :P I made this Fan art shop because not many people do userbars, and many people want them. just fill out the form of what you want and I wil get right on it. Rules 1. Do not flame people. 2. Do not double post. 3. if you want a user...
  8. your_worst_nightmare

    Evil's Advocates

    -Credit to Serris- THE RULES: 1.Follow all standard Serebii rules of course. 2.No flaming,spamming,etc. 3.Respect ALL members of the clan 4.BE ACTIVE! These are the ranks. -Darkrai Rank (Leader and Co-Leaders) ;197;-your_worst_nightmare Fc: 4340 0808 8030 (Leader) -Dusknoir...
  9. your_worst_nightmare

    book summary

    this is a summary of my very first book that i am indeed curently working on. What do you think should happen? What do you think the tittle should be? should there be any more dramma added? Tell me what you think. :3 Mei Winderton was one of the shy girls back in grade school, when her...
  10. your_worst_nightmare

    in need of some team rateing ^^;

    I think my team is in need to be rated~ ^^ Empoleon Calm -IceBeam -Surf -Stealth Rock -Grass Knot Item: Leftovers Absol (shiny) Adamant -Swords Dance -Sucker Punch -Superpower -Psycho Cut Item: Life Orb Dusknoir Impish -Shadow Sneak -Pain Split -Thunder Punch -Fire...
  11. your_worst_nightmare

    need a little help ^^;

    ok, i have one real quick question ^^ say that you are EV training a pokemon at lv 8, and it has PkRs and it holding an Exp. share, but your useing a diff pokemon to lv it up. now lets say tha you fight 1 Bibarel at lv 22 and that gives you two EV's in attack, but you have PkRs so it gives...