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    Quote Your Favorite Quote Posted by the Above User

    This is a reboot of an original game made by me that I realized is gone since I have been gone for a while. I've decided to bring it back but I tweaked it a bit, to make it not limited to one type of quote. The goal of this easy game is to search the quotes of the user above you and post your...
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    Give the Above Poster a Pokedex Entry

    Just thought of this kind of Pokemon like game. Rules 1. All Forum rules apply. Follow them!!! 2. Be Creative 3. Be Appropriate 4. HAVE FUN Ok We all love the Pokedex entries the Pokemon games have for our lovely Pokemon creatures. I thought, wouldn't it be fun to give our forum...
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    The "Why Did You Do This?" Game.

    This is a fun and easy game I have thought of. All Serebii forum rules apply 1. Have Fun 2. Be Appropriate This is what you have to do. The first poster asks a Why did you do this question and the next poster answers the question. That poster then asks a new question then the next...
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    Caption the Above User's Profile Picture

    I did not see this type of game anywhere so I'm assuming it hasn't been made. Basically this is similar to Caption the Avatar and Caption the Signature games . (THE SAME RULES APPLY) Just simply look at the above user's profile picture and caption it. Be very creative and have fun with it...
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    Make an Ad With the Above Poster's Location

    Just a fun simple game I have thought of. Here is how it goes Have you ever watched TV and saw an advertisement of a location where they try to get you to visit their place on vacation? That location tends to shows you what they have such as attractions and restaurants that hooks you into...
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    The Pokemon Move Last Letter Game V2

    This is a new version of an old game of mine that has been inactive since September. Thank you Dramatic Melody for locking the old game thread This game is similar to the Pokemon last letter game where this time, you have to do it with moves. Your allowed to simply just say the move or...
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    The TV Show ABC game

    This is a game I thought of today. This is similar to the ABC pokemon game Basically we go through the alphabet and name any show on TV. Even when we get to Z we can start over again. It can be all kinds of shows, including all shows from around the world. I'll start A: All in...
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    Write a Sentence that has the Above Poster's forum Name

    OK this is a game i thought of. ALL SEREBII RULES APPLY. If you cannot follow the rules don't play this game Basically the point of the game is to create a sentence using the poster's above you name in it. Example: Pamizard caught a female Pawniard and named it after her It can be...
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    Caption the Profile Picture Above You

    If there is a game like this or this game isn't acceptable please close this This game is related to Caption The Avatar Above You in which instead you check the user's profile and make a caption above. Let's begin
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    The Pokemon You Would Use in a Situation Game

    This is a fun game idea I came up with. It is easy. ALL SEREBII RULES APPLY The game is this. The first poster types a situation and at the end ask what pokemon would you use to help. You can explain why if you want. Here is an example to help with this game Poster 1: A cat is stuck...
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    Quote the Funniest Post made by the above user Ver. 3

    This is the third version (revived) of this game. The game was closed last time cause i was absent for sometime. Basically you have to search the above user's posts and find the funniest one and post it and comment on it. EDIT: I want to add an extra thing you can do. If you cannot find a...
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    Pokemon Moves Last Letter Game

    Ok this game is very simple. You post a move beggining with the last letter of the above move the poster posted. Here is a good example Post 1: Tackle Post 2: Earthquake for moves that have two separate words use the last letter of the second word Example Poster 1: Draco Meteor Poster 2...
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    Quote The Funniest Post made by The Above Person (Revived)

    Had to revive it again due to me constantly bumping (sorry bout that Serebii Staff) As usually search through the above poster's posts and find one that is funny, paste it and comment on it. Please be appropriate when it comes to commenting. Thanks and have fun playing
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    The Revived Quote The Funniest Post made by the above user

    Thanks to Dramatic Meledoy for permission to allow me to revive this thread due to inactivity. Rules (MUST READ OR ELSE) 1. All Serebiiforum rules apply 2. Be appropriate when responding to the poster's quote you have chosen 3. No Double Posting (be sure to delete if u accidentially...
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    Pamizard's Fan Art

    Hey guys I have decided to post some art work i have done. Pokemon And Naruto. I iwll be showing off not only my Fakemon but also any Pokemon i draw. For now i only have 4to show you Pokemon: ZOROARK: FIRST ATTEMPT http://pamizard.deviantart.com/art/Zoroark-154271540 Naruto Deidara #1...
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    Thinking Wish Game

    This is very simple. All you have to do is think of a wish. You must put it in * * the next poster can make the wish come true. Then that poster can post his or her wish next in * * for example Poster 1 *I wish that I was famous on youtube Poster 2: *Makes poster one become famous...
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    How would you spend a day with the Above Poster

    If there is a game similar to this i apologize Its a Fun game but there is on major rule: Don't say anything rude that would offend anyone. OK all you have to do is say what you would do if you hung out with the poster above you. You can say in your post (Optional) If I were to...
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    Rate My Pokemon

    I'm currently raising many Pokemon in Pearl for Pokemon Battle Revolution. Here are some. I'll add more Pokemon as i train them Staraptor Lonely Nature Item: didnt give it one yet Moves: Brave Bird, U-turn, Quick Attack, Close Combat Giratina Docile Nature Item: well it has soothe...
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    um my new site

    Mods if this is not allowed to be posted please close this Its a chatroom i made (not a forum i know a forum isn't allowed) from chatango. Its for a variety of animes including Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece. ETC http://pamizardanime.chatango.com/ u can sign up chatango if u want or ust...
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    My Diamond Team

    This is my team that I've been using as my main team. They are all holding lucky eggs for now while I ev train them so suggestions for items are welcome Infernape Serious Nature Fire Punch Flare Blitz Stealth Rock Solarbeam Weavile Modest Nature Brick Break Night Slash X-Scissor...