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    Water types

    What water type pokemon do you believe to be the most popular? and why?
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    Underused Team

    My team is; Drifblim item/ Black Sludge -Baton Pass -Substitute -Trick -Will-o-wisp Gallade item/ Life Orb -Fire punch -Leaf Blade -Night Slash -Psycho Cut Froslass item/ Brightpowder -Destiny Bond -Return -Spikes -Taunt Cloyster item/Destiny Knot -Barrier...
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    hey new group here pretty sweet.

    if your looking for a good group that doesnt use overused pokemon like starmie then join my group of the "underused lovers". here you can talk about your favorite pokemon and feel free from being ridiculed. we are going to try to organized underused battles and underused double battles. we would...