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    So while you kids are over there talking about some crappy Death Note adaptation, I'll be over here anxiously awaiting Astro Boy. Why? Because if this clip is any indication, the filmmakers didn't completely miss the point. Oh and they remembered Tezuka's fondness for cameos. They get a billion...
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    So the biggest game the DS has yet seen finally dropped in Japanland today. The game's already sold upwards of two million copies through pre-orders alone. Now it's time for Square-Enix to maybe, just maybe release the game here. Course it's not a Final Fantasy title or Kingdom Hearts so they'll...
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    Where the Wild Things Are

    The trailer's out, and while it looks like Spike Jonze slightly missed the point I can't help but make a face best described as :3c. Maybe it's the combination of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" with one of the better storybooks of my childhood, or maybe it's because it looks genuinely enjoyable. Either...
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    IMAGI and Anime: A match made in Heaven

    While Astro Boy's looking better with every trailer, most of you kids have probably forgotten IMAGI's also working on two other classic anime series. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/8495/gatchman.jpg Gatchaman is looking pretty good if the new teaser and shots on IMAGI's site are any...
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    Bruce Wayne: May 1939 - January 2009(Final Crisis #6)

    Bruce Wayne: May 1939 - January 2009(Final Crisis) It's official gentlemen, the Dark Knight is dead, and he went out saving the universe. I almost teared-up when I read the latest Final Crisis. MY CHILDHOOD HERO IS DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAD.
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    Astro Boy - There's a trailer now(srsly)

    We finally get to see Imagi's adaptation of Tezuka's baby in action... well a little bit of it. Animation's nice, and it's good to see the kid finally put some damn pants on. Incredibly disheartening to see Nic Cage in the cast list though...
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    Live Action Adaptation of Tezuka's MW

    Slowpoking like mad here, but by god it's news to me. Relatively unexpected, since I was under the impression that MW was one of Tezuka's more obscure works, even in Japan. As for the casting, Yuki looks spot on but something just seems off about Father Garai. Also the teaser trailer has been...
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    New Dragon Ball anime film in the works - God commits suicide

    The source, in moonrunes. Getting an ORIGINAL CHARACTER(DO NOT STEEL) vibe from this Tarble fellow.
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    Watchmen trailer released

    Though the trailer is set to debut before the Dark Knight later tis evening, Empire Online has it already, and it is beautiful. Watch it here. For those who have no idea what the hell the Watchmen is, read it. Now. It's the only comic on Time's list of the 100 greatest novels of all time, and...
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    The Incredible Hulk - Iron Man's sexier younger brother.

    I take it I'm not the only one on ole' SPPf to have paid good money to see this lovely film. I'm honestly of the opinion that it was superior to Iron Man, if just for the fact that it had an actual plot and GIANT METAL BOXING GLOVES. Also; best Stan Lee cameo yet.
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    Venture Bros Season 3 Has Begun - Gentlemen, start your fapping.

    Seriously, the new episode is up on the Adult Swim site. Watch it, for it is godly. Stupid sexy early twenties Monarch. Those eyebrows are the sex.
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    The Spirit - An Excercise in Rage

    The teaser poster for Sin City 1.5 http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/7088/milleroa9.jpg It's that time again for my monthly Spirit thread, in which I rage at the very idea of Frank Miller getting his mitts on a beloved classic character. The teaser trailer, which depicts Eisner's street level...
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    Venture Bros. Season 3 - Gaze Upon it and Cream Yourself

    Oh you know it's going to be ****ing godly.
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    Revenge of the Goddamn Comics Thread - LIKE THAT MOLD UNDER MY SINK IT JUST WON'T DIE

    At the insistence of a certain mod I figured I'd remake this thread. Basically this is the discussion thread for all things related to western comics, be they film or television adaptations, or the books themselves. Go wild you crazy kids. Also Batman's going to die.
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    Cartoon Network - MOAR LIVE-ACTION LOL

    Basically, CN is going to be showing MORE LIVE-ACTION and alternative programming, and LESS CARTOONS. lol wut?
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    The Goddamn Comics Thread - Redux

    The Goddamn Comics Thread - Collectible Cover #1 of 2 Old thread died. Anyway, discuss the latest comics you've read, upcoming books, and adaptations(i.e. The Dark Knight and Watchmen). Caught up with Justice Society of America this morning. Normally I despise Alex Ross' art but his latest...
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    Batman - Gotham Knight

    The trailer, for those interested. Some of the character designs: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/3302/batrangervr0.jpg http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/5232/batranger2vr3.jpg The Goddamn Bat-Ranger http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/3853/scarecrowra0.png Scarecrow...
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    Black Jack - Possible Release Date

    If this entry on Amazon.com is correct, Vertical's translation of Black Jack will hit shelves on September 23, in a hardcover 400 page format, similar to their releases of Buddha and the upcoming Dororo. Unfortunately, I can't find any sources for this info. Anyone know if it's correct, or is...
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    Lupin the Third: Green vs. Red

    The teaser. Apparently the film revolves around two Lupins(one in red, the other in green) vying for the rare "Ice Cube" treasure, held by the military organization "Nightbox". No info yet on how the hell that's even possible(time travel, perhaps)? Hirano Aya will guest star. I'm a little...
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    Trilby: The Art of Theft

    Yahtzee made a game. A good game at that. A really fun, really ****ing difficult game. Anybody else played it?