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    This is the deck I've been destroying everyone with, and since nobody in my area really has primal groudons I'm using japanese primal groudons as proxies. The strategy behind the deck is straight forward, start wobbuffet if you can then hide behind wobb, silent lab and robo's until you can start...
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    Essentially this is a deck building website at the same time allowing you to bounce ideas off of other players so you can build a deck that works against multiple decks. http://energysearch.me/
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    Pokemon card collections

    I would like to see everyones pokemon card collections, weather it's just favorite sections in there binders or favorite cards it would be a nice thing to look at considering the pulls I see people get out of there booster packs I do build a lot of prior worlds decks/own pre-made worlds decks...
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    Breaking emeralds for a living (colourless mega rayquaza EX and shaymin EX+ more)

    All the hype is for decks like night march, bats, those kinds of things, Ray/shay seems to be the under rated and the over priced list of the format, though that isn't 100%. I tend to think that if the few players that find how destructive the decklist is decides not to hype it assume that the...
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    Summer's almost here (cheap decklist under 100$ for LC's)

    At this point and time people are either amping up for nationals or for my case here in Canada are pretty much done with there season and have no valid reason to do anything until worlds or after july 10th-15th where the season gets reset and we can try again next year (this time I might not...
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    Favorites: how to use and abuse them

    This thread is something special and different, and it is basically as it sounds. The purpose of this is to pick any card you have as your favorite and depending on weather you'd like to stick by the year in which it was fully rotated in or keep it pretty casual in unlimited play, figure out...
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    Alberta regionals report

    For the most part, it's almost pointless to post it (11 out of 16 decks were toad in top 16) but......... is it, some of the content in there will stay around for the next year or so so check it. http://plasticpaper.wikia.com/wiki/Alberta_2015_regionals
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    LTC banned

    Moderately exciting for the TCG, first banned card in over 10 years, this one is almost no surprise, Lysandre's trump card or LTC for short, this card made it possible for very little strategy to exist while also being able to counter decks that rely on milling itself to win. It did also for the...
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    Lost forest (Mega latios)

    The original engine ran something like 3-3 and 2 latias, but you could always switch out a 1-1 m latios for 2 latias, anyways another fun deck out of the factory. 4-4 mega latios 2 absol ROS 2 shaymin EX (setup) 4 double dragon energy 4 water 4 psychic 4 ultra ball 4 VS seeker 3 battle...
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    Altrenative diety (M-aggron/jirachi)

    An alternative post from the one I made on pokebeach, 3-3 Mega Aggron 3 jirachi ros 1 mr mime plf 1 jirachi EX 4 DCE 3 special metal 5 metal 3 juniper 3 shauna 2 N 2 Skyla 4 ultra ball 3 battle compressor 4 VS seeker (---end of engine---) 1 lysandre 3 spirit link 4...
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    Sky field

    The original idea was to write a list for rayquaza but in actuality rayquaza is nothing w/o sky field same thing as empoleon and raichu (which at this point you could just rebuild flareon with the aforementioned techs and just play 4 sky field complete with 2-3 eggs and 3-4 shaymin EX (with mr...
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    mega latios

    So I went to the pre-release today, pulls were, well I forgot because I traded a lot away but, I did get all of the cards I needed for mega latios, and here is the introduction list 4-3 mega latios EX (plasma freeze latios atm, luster purge for 150 imo is better then a cheap punch at turn 1)...
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    Kyogre versus groudon

    So, to break this down, both decks are, for lack of better words, fairly not located to tier, then again the bases on what people think is tier currently is 100% inaccurate. Something nobody could really say in the previous pokemon tcg formats as certain decks would over dominate, it is so wide...
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    Manectric variants and thoughts on primals

    So it's pretty early in the morning for me and its been about, idk, I geuss I should say 2 months since I decided to test competitively versus this entire past week (a states last week and a reg's in about 3-4 weeks, testing becomes more viable), So, last week I tried to pick up primal kyogre...
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    cheap decklists to consider for 2015 states

    March madness the time of ncaa shinanigans, and the introduction to the world championship series, LC's and cities are just a warm up for the 2 months of states, 1 month of regionals, 1 month of nationals 1 month off then worlds, so I'm going to basically just post links to lists that give lists...
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    Primal OVERLORD!!!!

    hullo, so it's terrible titles Monday, this is a decklist idea I doubt will do that well, though could do incredibly well and destroy some formats. 3-4 P/M Kyogre 1 keldeo EX 2 seismetoad EX 9 water energy 3 DCE 4 N 3 juniper 2 Skyla 1 teammates 3 archie's ace in hole (you could go up to 4...
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    Winter/spring TCG championship series

    I was wanting to know if anyone was going to go to any regionals and what there plans are on what to play. Prov's/states are uber simple and aren't as prolific as regionals, though due to area my province gets a regionals for the first time on the 30th, I was wanting to go to Oregon regionals...
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    2015 cities report 180 sleeves, the 50 paths of success through not winning.

    By Nathan V The best way to start this off is to explain the factor of where you or me or I come from, where I come from is an area of players I live in the same city with, we all live fairly close by, so testing in RL is uber accessible....though I haven't really taken any interest in doing...
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    Diance dances with flare and spazazz

    Through my adventures of building the best decklist and winning tournaments with on paper "bad decklists"(one of the many reasons I decided not to post them), I took a brief break from pokemon before cities which for me starts in January for some reason I could explain but could not at the same...
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    Future mega manetric deck

    Though the future is only 3-4 months away, this is a take at extended, this is also from a list I posted else where, I will try to comeback with cheap lists for new players to play but until then here as an extremely complicated but very good manectric/mega manectric decklist feat. Yveltal EX...