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    Fossil Pokemon - What do you think their original typings were?

    Currently, the theory goes that all 'fossil' pokemon are Rock typed or part rock due to their bones and bodies undergoing diagenesis and turning into rocks. So my question unto people of this Forum, what do you think the pokemon's original typings were (or not!), discuss and give reasoning...
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    Mewtwo's Destruction: Fight Legend with Legend. [PG-13]

    Hey guys, its been a while since I've been round here parts but I thought I might ressurect an old RPG I made on here god...about 6 years ago now. I wonder if anyone remembers me? anyways, take a read. I hope you enjoy and take part! [This RPG shall be PG-13 due to potential various things of...
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    Pokemon Society?

    Just out of curiosity, who here belongs to a pokemon society or club IRL? I am at Plymouth University in the UK and we have a Pokemon Trainer society which is like, the coolest thing ever.
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    Attacks Pokemon missed out on?

    As the title says. In your opinion, what pokemon have missed out on attacks which it should really have? I have three examples. Flare Blitz on Flareon: The obvious one, the one that the masses are screaming for. I doubt it will make much competitively, but it would be nice to have Flareon...
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    Hurricane Mewtwo?

    Well, I saw the post today on the main Serebii site about the Mewtwo giveaway with the unique move of Hurricane. Would this make an impact in Ubers? Flying is a pretty good neutral type to be throwing about, especially with that sweet 30% confusion rate and rain everywhere. Off the top of my...
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    May your doom be foretold upon a dove's wings [[ou rmt]]

    Glad i got your attention! well, i've just entered the competitive pokemon battling scene after months of lurking about and this is a team i made up today. i don't think its that good though. so i want improvements guys! ~My Team~ The Lead of awesomeness Porygon2@Leftovers Modest...
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    Pokemon attacks in reality

    Right, well, i used the search button and i couldn't find any other threads like this so i thought i woudl make one xD I'm starting out a fanfic of pokemon set in the real world and something that occured to me was how pokemon, if they were like animals per se, how would they perform some of...
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    World Breaking

    finaly, my RPG starts! The Rules No ‘bunnying’ unless permission is granted no God-modding no posts shorter than 10 lines although i am expecting posts on average to be about 1 page on MS word please warn in the beginning of your RPing posts if its violent/gory/seriously sexual...
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    World Breaking [PG-13]

    there seems to have been a severe lack of trainer RPGs around so i thought what the hell and made up this one. i hope this one actually gets lotsa people signing up so that this can start unlike my last RPG which didn't get enough people sadly :(. oh well! lets begin! Rules No ‘bunnying’...
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    Cleffy's gone cool...ICE COOL xD SNOWBALLS!!!!

    Lol, my attempt at a hail team of sorts. I love Cleffy <3 its going to take a lot of convincing to let me get rid of her… i thought i might try and get a complete hail team which is immune to Hail for a change but i wanna see what you guys think. Abomasnow@ Choice Scarf **Yeti**...
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    [Discuss] pokemon attacks in RPing

    i'm sure i'm not the only one but i often wonder whats the best way to repisent an attack when RPing. many attacks in pokemon just seem pretty hard to make realistic. discuss what attacks you find difficult to decribe while role playing here and share your thoughts on matters. i think the...
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    //Mewtwo's Destruction\\ PLAN-B: fight fire with fire

    OH MY GAWD, my first ever RPG i made up myself. this BETTER get going XP [I am going to rate this RPG as a PG-15 although certain situations may make this higher ie Gore, sex, horror etc. This RPG requires a high level of maturity] The world is at war. Not an open war, but a secret...
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    what do you think of the move 'Fly' now in the pokemon games? before in the other games, this attack had a base attack of 70 and was one of the most useful HM moves around but wasn't often used in the main battling pokemon teams. but now in D/P theve incrteased the attack of Fly to 90, its a...
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    Omg - Flying Steelix!

    right, i was just flicking around when i realised that that short one in the beast warrior trio in the FRLG saga has a FLYING STEELIX. i mean; how is that possible? :S this is just so wierd... so what do you guys think about this? Meta;267;
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    gym badges

    i'm not sure if there is a thread on this but does anybody know the formula of how gym badges increase certain stats? i was just playing emerald again i got the dynamo badge and itincreases speed and i just wondered...does it only work for the pokemon you have in your line up at the time? or for...
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    Frontier's Bane (PG-13)

    well, here's my first ever fanfic,and its a little dramatic if a say so myself, being as there will be some violence, sexual themes and some swearing so i put this as PG-13 but if you do feel that you are mature enough to read this, then go ahead. I would be grateful for any comments and...
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    Meta's flying fusion spriting...(i hate writing titles, they are so tedious)

    this is what happens to me on boring weekends... well, my favourite is the annabel moth cuz it just looks good but i also like the Ericka fusion, as she looks quite shy and is trying to hide behind her flowers (aww) i'm not sure about Winona though, as i tried to change her hair colour...
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    Gracefulshippy poem

    i'm not actually sure this should be here but just move this please if it isn't. Well, this isn't completely like gracefulshipping but about a couple being reprisented by water and air...so i thought of wallace and Winona...as they use water and flying pokemon and all... 'The element air is...
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    my simple super hero sprites

    well...i'm fairly new at this...so i just want everyones opinion and constructive crit on this sprite... well...post away...
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    just wondering...

    what does it mean when there's this letter picture next to a thread and if you hover over it, it says you are subscribed to it? why do i feel so stupid asking this....