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  1. Redworthy

    *REQUEST Artwork of an Anime Character

    *REQUEST* Artwork of an Anime Character If it's not too much to ask, can someone please draw me a awesome picture of an anime character? (Pictures below) The characters name is 'Haruna' and is from an anime called 'Kore Wa Zombies Desu Ka?'. ('Is This A Zombie?' in English) And it would be...
  2. Redworthy

    Tead Rededium

    Team Rededium Rededium (Working Title) This team can be lead by either Fire or Water Typhlosion Nature: Modest | Ability: Blaze | Item: Choice Scarf Moves: Eruption / Falmethrower / SolarBeam / Hidden Power (Ground) EVs: 4 HP | 0 Atk | 0 Def | 252 SpA | 0 SpD | 252 Spe I chose Typhlosion...
  3. Redworthy

    Redworthy and Gamblorez's Trade and Battle Stop!

    Welcome to Redworthy's and Gamblorez's Trade and Battle Shop (Gamblorez's Battle Shop is in the 2nd post) Trade Shop Is Currently: TEMPORARILY CLOSED Battle Shop Is Currently: UNDER CONSTRUCTION The shop is temporarily closed because I need to catch up on some schoolwork and pending...
  4. Redworthy

    Extra Life Charity

    Hey guys! Me and a few of my friends are participating in the Extra Life charity event, where we'll be playing video games for 24 hours in order to raise money for charity. We will be starting at 8AM Saturday 15th October (Australian Time). So, we need your help! You can join our group and...