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    Pokemon Moves that deserve more/less PP

    I was thinking there are moves that are so hard to keep because of PP. Well for one I noticed they could have given trick room at least 10/10 PP. because that makes it so much easier to use... Then there are moves that seem to have too much PP, things like growl and leer I think have too much...
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    Rodents and Birds

    Have any of you noticed that in all generations of pokemon there is a new bird and some sort of rodent at the start? Example: 1st- Pidgy and Rattata 2nd- Hoothoot and Sentret 3rd- Tailow and Zigzagoon 4th- Starly and Bidoof I wounder if they will keep this up? It's just weird who they...
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    Pokemon Devolving....with ancientpower

    When a pokemon evolves with ancient power it looks like a prehistoric pokemon especially when Piloswine and Yanma "evolve" they are basically devolving right? The reson this might be is because isn't evolution supposed to be a step forward not backwards? What do you guys think?
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    ! Help Leaf Green trouble!

    When I got the game it was fine then I beat the game got the ruby and saphire and was able to trade with ruby,and all the versions even the ones for gamecube.Then my friend gave me infinate TMs and I wasn't able to trade I can now only trade with Leaf Green or Fire Red and now I cant't challenge...
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    !Paper Mario club!

    Who likes paper Mario 1 or 2 here we can discuse the games, like the chapters and bosses. Club president-espeon_155 (call me Martin) Ranks Last;egg; new born- 3rd place rank ;001; ;152; ;252; ;387; ;004; ;155; ;255; ;390; ;007; ;158; ;258; ;393; ;133; ;179; 2nd...
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    paper mario TTYD

    Hey you guys tell me what you guy think about that game it's tre,tre,tre bien. I enjoy the first and second paper mario games so tell me what you the viewrs think!!
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    Psycic Pokemon all differ how?......

    Have you seen that psycic pokemon on the show use some sort of beam when using psycic or it can be a power that lifts things with the mind and last Kirlia make a sort of earthquake with psycic. Hmm.....? Why does the move "Psycic" vary on some pokemon?