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  1. Ohshi

    Which set can be considered as the Unova themed one during the Sun and Moon era?

    It always bothered me that Unova/Gen 5 didn’t have a set which focused on that region/Gen. All the other gens got represented like this: Ultra Prism - Gen 4 Forbidden Light - Gen 6 Celestial Storm - Gen 3 Lost Thunder - Gen 2 Team Up - Gen 1 So do you think there was a set that Unova...
  2. Ohshi

    Original Gen 1 Kanto Indigo League Ash Hat Pikachu event rerelease?

    So I know when the event first came out, you could only choose only one of the Pikachu hats. Originally I really did want the original hat but I didn’t do it in time so I ended up choosing my second favorite, the Sinnoh hat. So the following year, eventually they rerelease all the regional...
  3. Ohshi

    Is this a good team?

    This is my team. Kingdra Lucario Tyranitar Skarmory Gallade Swampert I don't know if this is a good team. I need some advice. Could any of you rate my team?
  4. Ohshi

    How did Pokemon get their name?

    I always thought Pokemon got their name by what the creature was saying. Like a yellow mouse kept saying "Pika Pikachu!", so they named it Pikachu. But not all Pokemon say their name. I don't recall Onix saying "Onix Onix!". So how did those Pokemon get their name? And if creatures in the...
  5. Ohshi

    What is the significance of the "Foreign Building"?

    You know that church or cathedral in Hearthome city? What is so special about it? No music is played when inside the building and the people talk about strange stuff. That place always creeped me out and I never knew why that place was in the game.