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  1. phanpycross

    Pokemon the Movie 2000: Reloaded. (Amourshipping): P

    Part 1: Rated PG Note: This story takes place post XY, even if the original story took place during OS. There also won't be any particular mentions of the kalos league, since it hasn't happened in the anime yet. Ash also has 7 pokemon for some reason……… We open this tale with a tad of...
  2. phanpycross

    How would you make the perfect pokemon movie?

    Honestly i would just like A tornement movie, with great animation, and Every pokemon on the cast getting their time to shine. Post your ideas below.
  3. phanpycross

    Favorite cast of pokemon.

    Which pokemon team had the best synergy, the best coverage, most fun personalities, and the best group shots. ive divided ash´s teams by region, since he has twice the amount of pokemon, the other regulars have. i have to go with hoenn Ash for nostalgia, unova Ash out of pity, and Dawn...
  4. phanpycross

    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    Okay so as many of you may know, Kalos only gave us 69 new pokemon, and personally im not to crazy about it, to me it feels like gen 6 so far is really feeling like its the gen to get all the genwunners back, "oh look 2 mega charizards" and it feels like kalos is suffering for it. But hey...
  5. phanpycross

    Pseudo-legendary Pokémon

    Pseudo-legendary Pokémon You are now in charge of designing the next Pseudo-legendary Pokémon gor gen 7. what typing would you give it, and what would you base it on, id love a fire and grass type based on a burning forest, or an ent with flamethrowers for hands.