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    Forum Related Pet Peeves

    This isn't a thread for posting general things that press your buttons, it's for things people do on forums (not necessarily this one) that get you worked up. To start it off here are a few of mine: -People who refer to a sig as their "siggy". I personally can't fathom why someone would do...
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    The Misc Rap Battle

    Oh look, Jenny isn't posting in blue... this must be important... Rap battles: So simple yet so amusing. First person starts with a four liner, and the last words of the first two lines must rhyme, and same goes for the last word of the third and fourth lines. Here's an example from the...
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    well another thread was deleted... go on, go on
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    Shows you watched as a kid?

    What TV shows did you guys watch as kids? My favorites were defiantly: The Pink Panther (far before my time, but my dad loved it as a kid and put it on VCR frequently) The Flinstones (same as above) The Jetsons (again, way before my time, I know) Drake and Josh Spongebob Pokémon Dora the...
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    Should the obese be forced to buy two plane tickets?

    I saw an argument rise up between my two friends over thisvtopic the other day, and I wanted to see what kind of replies came from you guys. Many people say that incredibly obese people should be forced to buy two airplane tickets, as they quite easily may invade half the seat next to them...
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    The Office

    Who else here loves the NBC show "The Office"? I personally love it, although it does seem to be going down the drain a bit (hopefully the new boss will make it a tad bit better... Steve was just a bit bland the last two seasons) so pretty much disscuss what you've seen and what you want to see...
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    Are you ticklish?

    So the title pretty much says it all. Are you ticklish? I'm so increadibly ticklish!!!! I'm dead serious right now, even thinking about tickling makes me giggle a bit, and I'm famous amoung my school as "That girl you don't need to touch to tickle" If you stand a foot away from me and wiggle...
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    Fast or Slow?

    When you get a new game do you like to rush through it or take it slow? I personally try to take it slow because i tend to lose intrest pretty quickly once i get through the main game. But what about you?
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    Doctor Who anyone?

    So, for those of you that love the classic TV show, that was brought back in 2005, disscuss previous seasons, or the upcoming season six here. If you have any spoilers regarding season six, please mark the with the spoiler tag as some people want to be suprised. After an hour of extensive...
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    Are you a guy or a girl?

    I've noticed that most of the users on serebii seem to be guys, but recently I've been wonderring about what the ratio is. So pretty much post if your a guy or a girl. Me? Last time I checked I was a girl.
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    Is flirting cheating?

    whats your opinion? should flirting be considerred cheating? I think in short term relationships you can flirt, but if your married, engaged or a live-in couple, then flirting's wrong. Your opinions?