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    The Steam/Valve Thread: Now available on mobile!

    Team Fortress 2 = Free. Go nuts.
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    The E3 Discussion Thread.

    Goddammit never mind. I didn't notice the new board for E3. Well, lock this I guess.
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    Quake Live

    Does anyone else play this? It's a free version of Quake III Arena with many added features like friends and stats. And the best part is that it's all free, being ad supported. Link
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    Steam CANNOT let me download.

    "Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again later." No matter what, I always get that issue. I buy games, and whenever I try to install them, I get this error. I've tried switching my download locations all over the globe, and the only thing I got right...
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    How can I improve my computer for gaming?

    So, for Christmas I got my first Windows computer, a Dell Inspiron n5010. Now, I wasn't expecting to do too much gaming on it, but I didn't know it would be this bad. It can only barely play Shadowrun at lowest settings, and that's a 4 year old game! So, is there anything I can do to make it run...
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    Port forwarding problem?

    So, I'm trying to forward ports in my modem to my router, but the part where you fill in the IP of the location you want to forward it to looks like this: 192.168.15.__ with the underscore being the part you type in. I need to put, which is my router's IP, but it won't let me...
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    Duty Calls- a Call of Duty parody game

    Not sure if this would go in the CoD thread or not, since it's technically not a CoD game. Anyway, it's a parody of Call of Duty made by People Can Fly and Epic, the developers of Bulletstorm. It's pretty funny and true. I'd rather not spoil anything and let you see for yourself...
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    Explain to me the cons of basing our culture off religion.

    So, why do some people have such a profound hate for religion? I really don't understand it. It helps out culture in many ways, and hurts little. Let's take a look. The big pros of it are that it instills morals and goodwill and provides mental security/piece of mind, and what exactly are...
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    Question about Static IPs

    Can I set a Static IP Address to just 1 computer on my network, and give the others dynamic?
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    Time to buy a new computer, but which one?

    So, I've been a Mac guy for my entire life and am going to give Windows a try. I'm thinking of a Laptop that runs the newest OS possible (not sure if all of them come preloaded with Windows 7 now or not) and preferably under $600. I'm completely new to this foreign market of Windows computers...
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    Most skillful game ever?

    Now here's an interesting topic. What game do you think is the most skillful? Mutliplayer, of course. My vote would definitely go to Quake III Arena. CSS is up there too, but the amount of practice needed to play Quake a pro level is insane. Observe.
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    Micro$oft has done it again.

    As if XBL wasn't already a ripoff, M$ decided to get and jack up the prices even higher. I don't know about you guys, but I might as well stock up on subscription codes in October.
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    Halo Reach Public Beta

    Still holding on to that copy of ODST? Well now it's finally time to put that disk to some real good use. With only a click on the main menu, you're on your way to playing the Multiplayer Beta of a game coming to retail this fall, Halo Reach! With no added charge either, all you need as a disk...
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    Halo Reach

    Trailers E3 2009 Teaser Trailer Spike Video Game Awards Trailer Game Informer Magazine January 2009 Scan Parts 1 Scan Parts 2 Scan Parts 3 Scans Part 4 Summary: - Reach will NOT follow the book, Fall of Reach. - We play as Spartan IIIs. Jorge is the only Spartan II on the team, and as a...
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    Xbox 360 Online help

    First of all, I'd like to say that I have my 360 online already. However, whenever I leave it idle for a while- which includes the time it's turned off- I always have to reset the connection. I am using a wireless router to connect to our main router, since it is too far away to connect with a...
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    Updating Wii saves stored on an SD card?

    Alrighty then, let's get to the point. Say I upload a Twilight Princess save to my SD card. The next day, I clear the next dungeon and want to update the save on the SD card to show that beat it. Do I simply need to insert it into my Wii to update it automatically? Or do I have to delete the...
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    Adding games on Samsung Rant?

    How do i do it? While trying to download it directly to my phone via it's crappy Internet, it always says "page cannot be displayed" or something of the sort. And when I connect it to my Mac, there isn't a folder for it, just "DCIM", "filestore", and "Music"...
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    Wii save data on DS cards...

    Wii save data on SD cards... Let's make an example. Let's say I put my Twilight Princess save on an SD card and take it out. Then, I complete a dungeon in the game. In order to update that save data, do I need to delete it and save it again? Or will it update automatically? EDIT: Oh crap...
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    Mega Man Star Force 3 Brother Thread

    Does anybody want to be bros? I have 3 Stars and Rogue Noise (which I will lose, but I plan to replace it with Wolf). My friend code is: 438301466032
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    PSP Go

    This thread is mainly to discuss the newest handheld to be released, the PSP Go. It's supposed to get rid of the UMD drive in exchange for complete digital distribution, as well as completely revamp the design so it's smaller. And, *drum role* it's supposed to include the long-awaited second...