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  1. Astrint

    HA Goomy and Blipbug

    I need a Hidden ability Goomy line pokemon and a hidden ability Blipbug line pokemon The hidden abilities are Gooey for Goomy and Telepathy for Blipbug They can be breedjects or random raid mons i am only looking for the abilities. offering ha Darumaka, ha Eevee, ha Rookidee, ha Sizzlipede...
  2. Astrint

    Battle Spot doubles

    This is a team I came up with to get ready for ORAS. I'm still breeding but I have been using it on Showdown with moderate success and I wanted a bit of critique to better my chances. Cacturne@Life Orb Nature: Adamant Ability: Water Absorb EVs: HP 252 / Att 252 / 4 Sp. Def -Brick Break -Seed...
  3. Astrint

    typing format evolution?

    Does anyone else think that perhaps, in the future, there will be triple typed pokemon and multi-typed moves? Like, say, Fire/steel/electric. and maybe new moves that combine different types. maybe a fire and electric type weather move. Maybe called Fury Storm. it could cause fire and...
  4. Astrint

    What changed the way you play?

    I have been playing pokemon since Crystal came out but i never really did much research into how i make my team, what kind of moves i use, or abilities until recently when i've gained access to wifi with the latest generation games. Since i started exploring all the things i had been...
  5. Astrint

    Rate My Black 2 Team

    I am trying to plan out a team for black 2 right now. I'm going to try to think of a different team for White 2 later but right now i want to focus on Black 2 Kangaskhan with soft silk/bright powder Scrappy skill Brave Nature -Flamethrower -Focus punch -Outrage -Dizzy punch...
  6. Astrint

    Rate My Team.

    Any Advice would be helpful. I'm still raising all of them. My goal is to have them all to lvl100 before i start competing in battles online. Also, i'm on the fense about my primeape. I want a fighting pokemon that won't die from one hit from another fighting pokemon like lucario does. Any...