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    Ash's ultimate team

    Its been over one year since Ive actually signed in, and these are the topics that always bring me back lol 1. Pikachu - No matter where his power cycle may be, Ash's team would be incomplete without him. 2. Charizard - Though we haven't seen him in a while, Zard has done way more than...
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    Freakish Coincedences.

    As is, im a fan of the Halo series, so I decided to mess around on Halopedia and type my sisters name (Yasmin) in. Not only was there a person in the universe with her name(albeit with an e at the end), but this person also had my dads first name as her last...
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    Masuda Method Discussion [Or, how to get Shinies Easier]

    Does the foreign pokemon that comes to your DS change its name into english characters?
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    The "What Attacks Should They Learn?" Thread

    Grotle needs physical moves, not too much more support. I suggest: Crunch Curse Body Slam Earth Power Earthquake(NOT gonna happen I know...) Iron Tail Seed Bomb Pikachu could use something interesting like: Light Screen Brick Break Gliscor is good, but id like to see...
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    Weakest Region Team

    Ill judge: 1. Kanto - if the whole team was together at full strength(Pidgeot included) we have a winner. 2.Hoenn - it was extremely balanced and could attack and defend. 3. Sinnoh - I wont judge just yet, but has number two potential. 4. We all hate Johto apparently, and this squad dosent have...
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    What's the difference

    Im surprised that Grotle dosent abuse iron defense like Torkoal did(he had it, right?) Like others have said, the loss was more or less on Ash. Dont be fooled, his game is mental.. Or something like that. Either way he needs to try and get physical with his pokemon, have a reserve come in and...
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    Can Piplup live up to Blaziken's Potential?

    Piplup is more of a signature for Dawn, Mamoswine is the muscle here.
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    The best pokemon that Ash ever caught in Kanto

    Charizard is the man, and my second favorite starter.
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    What do you think about Barry's future?

    1. Rapidash, Munchlax(Debuts vs Volkner) 2. Yes 3. No, and if so he is going to be captured or a cheerleader of sorts. 4. Speedbump on the way to Paul.
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    Do you think the new main girl in GS will be featured in the anime?

    Maybe a pokemon Chronicles Episode? sorry if mentioned
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    Battles You'd Pay to See

    Honestly, Ash VS Elite 4 Koga would be very interesting indeed. Also: Oak VS whatever this professors name is.. Ash's Reserves vs Paul's Best(likely wont ever happen) Any combination of Misty vs May vs Dawn Brock vs Byron Ash vs Max(long overdue imo..) A REAL Gary vs Ash, with more of...
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    Are you disappointed that the writers waited so long to evolve Chimchar?

    Monferno will be rushed, just a gut feeling. I am slightly disappointed, but I knew nothing was going to happen when he didnt evo shortly after his great battle vs Byron.
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion 2.0 *SPOILER WARNING*

    If Ash and Dawn were to get together, would they be out in the open with it or keep it secret? and if secret, who would they trust with it? I feel as if it would be ok with Ash's mom, not so much for Dawn's mom. Maybe out in the open when they are with each other alone mainly, but not so much...
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    What you hope for in the new Johto Saga?

    I think Brock might bring back good ol Fortress(who I had forgotten about until I read remembered his Pineco) as well as.... Steelix? Maybe his uber lineup would be: Sudo Crobat Steelix Fortress Im aware they are at the gym, but maybe for old times sake or something.. Ash: Oaks...
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    Your Top Ten Animes.

    1.Gundam(wing) 2.DBZ 3.Pokemon 4.Naruto 5.Hellsing 6.Outlaw Star 7.Tenchi Muyo 8. Full Metal Alchemist 9.Cowboy Bebop 10.Yu Yu Hakusho
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    Good to know, thanks alot KSW

    Good to know, thanks alot KSW
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    Team Plans in General

    I like to go for: Fire-->Cyndaquil/Houndoom Water-->Totodile/Lapras Grass-->Chicorita/? Flying-->Noctowl Dragon-->Kingdra/Any Random-->Heracross/Tyranitar/Snorlax
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    I understand now, thanks for clearing things up. One other question though, does this still go on?

    I understand now, thanks for clearing things up. One other question though, does this still go on?
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    KSW, I want to ask about your sig. Its not that I dont believe you when you say that there is...

    KSW, I want to ask about your sig. Its not that I dont believe you when you say that there is more favoritism towards other members, but can I have an example? Perhaps you could explain it to me?