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    Rune Factory Club!

    The Rune Factory Club! Welcome! This is a fan club for the video game series part of Harvest Moon. Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. The game was Japan's celebration of Harvest Moon 10th anniversary. Though as for Rune Factory 2, the game didn't got the 'Bokujo no monogatari'(A Fantasy...
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    Shana's Graphics!

    Hi! I just wanna show you some of my works...... Avatars/Icons Banners Sorry coz' I don't work much for graphics at all. But I'll show you some more on my graphics! Pls. comment on them. Thank you! ^^
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    My Custom Trainer Sprites!

    Ohayou, minna!!! Here are some of my sprite works: Haruhi Suzumiya: Other Custom ones: More soon!!!
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    My new sprites!

    Pachirisu with some Shaymin details: Please rate my new sprite. More soon! ~Shana;492-s;
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    my fanarts

    Here is my fanart: http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo214/pretty_namine/xchelsie.jpg pls. rate how well i did it. thanks <3 xoxo, Chelsie ;492-s;
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    ~*Crystal Pokemon*~

    Crystal Eevee and Skitty Those are examples of my crystal pokemon works. That was PikaHeart's idea and I try to make my own. You can tell me your comment and sugestions for my work. I will work more crystalpokes soon!