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  1. Rock Captain 99

    Countries you have visited and how much you like them

    I came across the thread 'places you want to visit', so I made this thread for the countries you have visited and you can also share your experiences. Let's start with me. I haven't travelled many countries. I live in India and I have visited Nepal and UAE. Nepal- I visited there when I was...
  2. Rock Captain 99

    Go's Pokemon list

    Here I list all pokemon caught by Go: 1. Scorbunny 2. Caterpie 3. Metapod 4. Butterfree 5. Weedle 6. Kakuna 7. Beedrill 8. Pinsir 9. Scyther 10. Venonat 11. Venomoth 12. Paras 13. Parasect 14. Wurmple x3 15. Tailow 16. Mantyke 17. Tentacool I will keep on adding the pokemon as and when he...
  3. Rock Captain 99

    Pocket monsters filler episode list

    List the episodes of the new series as filler/ non-filler (along with reason if non-filler) Ep-01 - Non-filler (Go introduction, Pikachu backstory as Pichu) Ep-02 - Non-filler (Ash & Go meet) Continue...
  4. Rock Captain 99

    Pocket Monsters 2019 Anime: Thoughts before anime started vs thoughts now!

    Hey guys! What are your thoughts for the current anime now after watching some episodes? Are they different from your thoughts you had before the anime started? Discuss. I request you guys to be polite and respect other users thought and opinion too!!
  5. Rock Captain 99

    Ash's weakest Pokemon in Alola

    Counterpart to the other thread. Discuss!
  6. Rock Captain 99

    Ash's strongest Pokemon in Alola

    Curious as how they have shown all the regional mons more or less of the same level. Not including Pikachu for obvious reasons!!
  7. Rock Captain 99

    Infernape or Greninja! Which of them hogged the screentime more?

    Please vote guys, this needs to be settled!
  8. Rock Captain 99

    Likes and dislikes about each of the regions

    What do you like and dislike about every region (series) Ash has been to? Also include OI and BF in the posts. You can say about all of them or some of them or even anyone of them. Be sure to include both likes and dislikes. I will start with Kanto and will say about other regions later. Here...
  9. Rock Captain 99

    Sword and Shield anime art style speculation

    What do you guys think could be the art style for the new series? Should they go with the Sun and Moon art style? Or XY art style? Or the movies art style or anything new? Speculate!!
  10. Rock Captain 99

    Most underrated character of all time!

    Counterpart for the other thread. For me, it's Cilan!!
  11. Rock Captain 99

    Most overrated character of all time!

    Who is the most overrated character of all time according to you? Discuss. For me, it's Serena!
  12. Rock Captain 99

    Best and worst episodes of the series

    Which episodes are considered as best episodes and which are worsts! Name the title of the best and worst episodes of pokemon of all time. You can name the episodes region wise also. Short description as to why you love or hate the episode can also be given. According to me, one of the worst...
  13. Rock Captain 99

    50 episodes mark, which series was the best?

    Which series, according to you, was going best after around 50 episodes? You can also rank them by way of posting.
  14. Rock Captain 99

    Upcoming episodes focus speculation thread!

    As the title suggests, what do you think the upcoming episodes should focus on? Prefer speculating for 4-5 upcoming episodes whose title have not been revealed. It can be more or less than 5 episodes depending on you, but it shouldn't be like 40 episodes at a time!! As of now, we have titles...