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    Smeargle Lead

    I've decided to try and get into competitive battling, so here's a team I created for the OU environment; Team At A Glance ;235; ;272; ;373; ;248; ;136; ;260; Smeargle: Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Evs: 4Hp/252Atk/252Sp Moves: Agility Extremespeed Spore Endeavor A surprisingly successful...
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    ~*Mix Team*~

    Here's a team consisting of 3 OU pokemon and 3 UU. ;094; ;199; ;448; ;254; ;306; ;142; Gengar Nature: Timid Item: Wide Lens Evs: 4Hp/252SpAtt/252Sp Moves: Shadow Ball Hypnosis Will-o-Wisp Thunderbolt My lead pokemon. I use Gengar as a double status lead. Unless I can...
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    Happy 4th of July : Team Galactic

    Random picture I drew: Happy 4th people
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    A Question conserning the Wii and SD Cards

    I'm not sure about this, but after you've copied Wii channels to an SD Card, and you delete the channels from the Wii. You can still access the channels from the card right?
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    A Picture for Summer

    Thought I'd post something, since I haven't in a while.
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    Ultimate Chimera from Smash Bros: Critic needed. And just for fun here's my work in progress for something else:
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    Okami Fanart

    Some Okami FAnart I drew
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    A purdy pic of floatzel, it's shiny.
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    Some Sketches

    Some sketches of Midnight;
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    I Haven't Been On Here For Awhile....

    Me again, here's some stuff I've been up too. COPY RIGHTED TO A FRIEND
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    It's certainly been awhile...

    Since I've drawn anything you know? Anyways here's some picture I drew:
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    Question on obtaining items

    The other day I was playing PBR and I decided to buy a Stone Edge TM, so I'm at Mystery Gift and it tells me "You have already recived this gift, you may not purchase another one". So I basically bought the TM and didn't get squat in return. Of course, I have gotten stone edge before, but I...
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    Some Sprites I made

    Eh, my try at sprites. They're made from scratch, except for some parts of the originals were reused or revamped. Anyways: My glaceon sprite, it looks too small to me, and a little confusing, but not bad for my first. The eyes of the original glaceon were reused. A try at toxicroak...
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    Trojan Issue

    Does anyone know of a good Computer Scan I could get for free? I got a bad trojan the other day, and it's making my computer a little slow, even though I currently have it isolated away from any files. It's locked in another scanner, (It's Avast) but I'd rather get rid of it all together. Thanks...
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    Wii Anyone?

    A picture i drew of Midnight playing the Wii, I don't think I've posted it. Anyways, critics please? ;262;
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    Some Crud Sketches

    Some pictures of Midnight I drew, nothing special. I'll color them later, Btw Midnight is a cartoon mightyena I made up.....
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    A Funky Cat

    Aha, yes this is joke. It's just a little cat, but a very cute cat indeed And... this is a skitty: Have fun criticing them^^ Thanks~ ;262;
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    Banner Help?

    I need some help rating these banners I've attempted: Thanks for any comments
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    Another Try

    Aha, ha. I'm trying at Wi-Fi Battles again, though I have no clue when I'll try out this team. It was originally supposed to be a doubles team, but I think it can go both ways. *coughbadjoke* Anyways, here it is; Swampert Ability: Torrent Item: Muscle Band Nature/Adament...
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    Yumomi related to Kenny?

    I've hear alot of people saying that Dawns friend Yumomi, (who's set to appear in the swinub ep) looks alot like Kenny. Bulbapedia says their probabley related. For one they say Yumomi calls Dawn "Dee-Dee" too, but I really don't see how they know that. T_T So what do you think? Are they...